968 double-doubles. 22.9 rebounds per game. 50.4 season scoring average. 100 points in a single game versus the brand-new York Knicks.

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Records were Wilt Chamberlain’s thing. Apart from holding the scoring document for most points in one NBA game approached only by Kobe Bryant, Goliath as soon as led the organization in assists throughout the 1967-68 season due to the fact that no center had done it before. He’s second in job scoring typical (30.07) exclusively behind Michael Jordan (30.12).

He shied away from contact when in foul trouble ? occasionally to his team’s determent ? due to the fact that he never ever wanted come foul out, and also didn’t in his whole 15-year NBA career with the Philadelphia warrior (who relocated to san Francisco in 1962), Philadelphia 76ers, and also Los Angeles Lakers.

The All-Star center from Pennsylvania cherished dunks, NBA championships, NBA history, and besting bill Russell of the Boston Celtics and also Kareem Abdul-Jabbar that the Milwaukee Bucks as lot as that cherished a love life.

In his 1991 book,A watch From Above, The huge Dipper asserted to have actually slept v 20,000 ladies in his life. The national Basketball Association’s seventh all-time scorer stood by his claim, stating:

?I was simply laying it out there for civilization who were curious.”

Humble. No a brag top top Wilt’s part, just a totally reasonable milestone.

Wilt Chamberlain’s 20,000 Women

There are so plenty of questions that instantly come come mind. Exactly how is this possible?

Luckily, someone already did the math.A see From Abovewas published when the four-time NBA MVP to be 55. Let’s say wilt started getting down to organization when he to be 15. If that’s the case, the former Harlem Globetrotters star would’ve had to sleep with an mean of 1.4 females per day every day till he rotate 55.


According come Mental Floss, among Wilt’s nearby childhood friends, Tom Fitzhugh, declared he never saw wilt on a date in high school and also that he was probably a virgin when he graduated. Nerd alert. If that’s true and the University the Kansas legend didn’t start obtaining busy till he was 18, the average rises to 1.5 ladies per day.

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It need to be stated that the NBA player notoriously loved double teams. Who have the right to blame him? name a better feeling than splitting two defenders and also scoring straightforward bucket. He also loved threesomes. Apparently, the professional basketball player as soon as slept through 23 various women ~ above one 10-day roadway trip. He average as many assists every game throughout his rookie year together he did women that trip.

Today in '72, it must be Chamberlain became first
NBA player come score 30,000 pts. He was prouder the scoring w/ 20,000 women pic.twitter.com/zlprlnDvan

— super 70s sporting activities (
Super70sSports) February 17, 2014

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If you wanted to dive further, you could ask how did he have the time given the 82-game consistent season and also playoffs? exactly how did he never father a child? (A case Sports Illustrated looked into.) go he in reality sleep with 20,000 women? What were his stamina secrets for those who space curious?