Women are hardly ever sentenced to death in the united States and executions of ladies are even rarer. Researcher have argued that females who room sentenced to fatality are often perceived together breaking gender norms.

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Women and the fatality Penalty, through Professor mary Atwell


DPIC Analysis: situation Summaries of enforcement Women

Current Female fatality Row Prisoners

As of April 1, 2021, the NAACP legit Defense and also Educational money reports that there to be 51 females on fatality rows across the united States.

AL Franklin Scott, Christie Michelle W
AL Houston Blackmon, Patricia B
AL Houston Gobble, Tierra Capri W
AL Mobile Keaton, Heather B
AL Russell Graham, Lisa W
AZ Maricopa Andriano, Wendi W
AZ Pima Forde, Shawna W
AZ Maricopa Allen, Sammantha W
CA Alameda Michaud, Michelle W
CA Los Angeles Martin, Valerie W
CA Los Angeles McDermott, Maureen W
CA Los Angeles Nieves, Sandi W
CA Los Angeles Rodriguez, Angelina L
CA Los Angeles Samuels, Mary W
CA Los Angeles Thompson, Catherine B
CA Los Angeles Williams, Manling A
CAModocRhoades, CherieN
CA Orange Alfaro, Maria L
CA Orange Nelson, Tanya A
CARiversideHann, Jessica Marie*W
CA Riverside Magana, Belinda L
CA Riverside Rottiers, Brooke W
CA Riverside Sarinana, Cathy W
CA Riverside Snyder, Janeen W
CA San Bernardino Coffman, Cynthia W
CA San Diego Dalton, Kerry W
CA San Diego Eubanks, Susan W
CA San Diego Gonzales, Veronica L
CA San Mateo Carrington, Celeste B
CA Ventura Caro, Socorro L
CA Riverside Hunter, Lorraine Alison B
FL Brevard Allen, Margaret B
FL Duval Cole, Tiffany W
FL Escambia Brown, Tina B
GAGwinnettMoss, TiffanyB
ID Ada Row, Robin W
KY Fayette Caudill, Virginia W
LA Orleans Frank, Antoinette B
MS Forrest Chamberlin, Lisa W
NC Forsyth Moore, Blanche T. W
NC Wake Parker, Carlette B
OH Trumbull Roberts, Donna W
OK Oklahoma Andrew, Brenda W
PA Washington Tharp, Michelle Sue W
TN Knox Pike, Christa W
TX Cameron Lucio, Melissa L
TX Dallas Routier, Darlie W
TX Harris Carty, Linda B
TX Harris Sheppard, Erica B
TX Randall Holberg, Brittany W
TX Smith Cargill, Kimberly W

To view Professor Streib’s summaries of the situations of the women who were on fatality row as of December 2012, click here.* Jessica Marie Hann, a infectious diseases world fashion woman, to be sentenced under the name Jason Michael Hann and transitioned while on California’s fatality row


Mar 19, 2015

INNOCENCE: Debra Milke Exonerated indigenous Arizona DeathRow

UPDATE: On march 23, referee Rosa Mroz offi­cial­ly dis­missed the charges against Milke. Milke has actually been included to DPIC’s exon­er­a­tionlist.

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Sentencing Alternatives

Oct 07, 2021

Report: more Women Serving too much Sentences in the united States

The num­ber of ladies serv­ing excessive sen­tences in the unified States has increased sharply in the last decade, aSeptember 2021 report by acol­lab­o­ra­tive the crim­i­nal law reform orga­ni­za­tions has actually found. The report,



Sep 01, 2021

Massachusetts 8th Graders press to Exonerate mrs Sentenced to fatality in 1683in Salem Witchcraft Hysteria

A team of 8th graders from phibìc Andover center School in north Andover, Massachusetts are cham­pi­oning initiatives toposth…



Aug 17, 2021

Anti-Violence Advocates, Prosecutors, and also Innocence Groups paper Supreme Court Briefs in assistance of Battered mrs on Texas DeathRow

A coali­tion the advo­cates because that vic­tims that domes­tic and gen­der-based vio­lence, for­mer pros­e­cu­tors, legitimate schol­ars, and inno­cence orga­ni­za­tions have filed briefs in the U.S. Can be fried Court in sup­port the aTexas womanw…


Feb 17, 2021

Divided federal Appeals Court Reinstates death Sentence for Texas mommy of boy Who may Have died in accidental Fall

Continuing an unpar­al­leled pat­tern the rul­ings adverse to Texas death-row pris­on­ers, adivid­ed U.S. Court that Appeals because that the 5th Circuit has actually rein­stat­ed the con­vic­tion and death sen­tence of amoth­er con­vict­ed of killing she two-ye…


Feb 15, 2021

Capital situation Roundup — Death punish Court decisions the main of February 8,2021

NEWS (2/​11/​21) — Alabama: In asplin­tered poll with 3 con­ser­v­a­tive jus­tices not­ing their dis­sents, the U.S. Can be fried Court refuse the Alabama attorney General’s appli­ca­tion come vacate a…

Intellectual Disability

Jan 18, 2021

‘This is not Justice’ — Federal Execution spree Ends through Planned Execution that African-American on boy name Luther King jr Birthday

An his­tor­i­cal­ly aber­rant six-month fed­er­al exe­cu­tion spree came to aclose after mid­night top top January 16, 2021 as soon as an African-American male who to be sched­uled to die on the Rev. Dr. Young name Luther King Jr.’s birth­day was placed todeath…

Mental Illness

Jan 13, 2021

Supreme Court Vacates continues to be of Execution, Paves means for Late-Night Execution that Lisa Montgomery

After aseries of rul­ings by the United claims Supreme Court sum­mar­i­ly vacat­ed two stays of exe­cu­tion and denied attempts to rein­state two oth­ers, the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment exe­cut­ed death row pris­on­er Lisa Montgomery…

Upcoming Executions

Jan 04, 2021

Federal Appeals Court Reverses Block top top Lisa Montgomery Execution, Dustin Higgs Execution HitsSnag

One week prior to the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment intends to placed three pris­on­ers to death, 2 of the sched­uled exe­cu­tions continue to be in doubt ~ rul­ings through fed­er­al courts in Washington, D.C. And also Baltimore. The sched­uled January 12, 2021 exe­cu­tion of LisaMon…


Dec 18, 2020

Human civil liberties Tribunal call for stay of Execution because that Lisa Montgomery

The Inter-American the supervisory board on human being Rights (IACHR), the person rights body charged v over­see­ing west Hemisphere nations’ com­pli­ance with human being rights oblig­a­tions, has called on the United claims to halt the sched­uledJanua…


Nov 13, 2020

Lawyers for Lisa Montgomery Contract COVID-19 throughout Prison Visits, Seek stay of Execution

Lawyers because that fed­er­al death-row pris­on­er Lisa Montgomery filed fit in fed­er­al dis­trict court in Washington, D.C. Top top November 12, seek­ing to continue to be her December 8exe­cu­tion due to the fact that the command coun­sel in her situation have con­tract­ed the coronavirus.