President bill Clinton"s decision to lie under oath around his audioeditorfree.comnsensual affair v White house intern Monica Lewinsky virtually forced that from the presidency.

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But allegations do by 4 other women that Clinton either sexually struck or harassed them have done small to discredit him amongst his supporters. Clinton has actually denied all of the allegations against him, including those make by four other women who allege they had actually audioeditorfree.comnsensual extramarital relationships v him end the years.

As a nationwide spotlight is being shined on sexual assault and also harassment audioeditorfree.commplying with a overwhelming of accusations the misaudioeditorfree.comnduct versus dozens of prominent men in Hollywood, the media, and politics, Democrats and also others on the left are beginning to reexamine their response to Clinton"s alleged misdeeds.

"Everybody in the mainstream push is calling all of Bill Clinton"s crimes infidelities," catalen Willey, among the females who has actually accused Clinton that harassment, called Fox News host Sean Hannity in October 2016. "Rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment space not infidelities. They are crimes and they room misdemeanors."

Here are the allegations of sex-related assault and harassment against him:

Juanita Broaddrick has made the many serious allegations versus Clinton, accusing that of raping her in 1978 when Clinton was Arkansas" lawyer General.

Broaddrick, climate a 35-year-old nursing-home administrator, met Clinton once he checked out her nursing house on a campaign stop. After ~ Clinton asked to fulfill with she on her following trip to little Rock, the two set up a meeting in a hotel audioeditorfree.comffee shop.

When Clinton came down on the hotel, the asked to satisfy in Broaddrick"s room instead and after that arrived, accused proceeded to violently rape her. Broaddrick alleges that bloodied she lip through biting it.

"There to be no remorse," Broaddrick said BuzzFeed News last year. "He acted choose it was an daily occurrence. He was no the least bit apologetic. The was simply unreal."

A girlfriend of Broaddrick"s stated she found her after the alleged attack and also audioeditorfree.comrroborated she story. Number of others said Broaddrick told them about the rape in ~ the time.

Kathleen Willey alleged the Clinton kissed her, fondled she breasts, and also forced she to touch his crotch during a audioeditorfree.comnference in the Oval Office in 1993, when Willey to be a volunteer in the White residence audioeditorfree.comrrespondence office.

Willey made her allegations publicly in 1998 and Clinton "emphatically" denied that the audioeditorfree.commmunication was sexual, arguing that the hugged Willey and also may have actually kissed her on the forehead.

Willey says that she to be "friends" v Clinton and audioeditorfree.comnfided in him during the meeting that she and also her husband were having actually financial troubles. She asked him for a promo from she volunteer place to a paying job and says the Clinton was sympathetic and asked audioeditorfree.comme talk v her in a tiny room off of the Oval Office. While talk in the room, Willey states Clinton audioeditorfree.comrnered and also assaulted her.

"My mind to be racing and also I thought, "Should i slap him? Or have to I kick him? Or knee him?"" Willey recalled thinking at the time throughout an October 2016 interview through Fox host Sean Hannity. "What do I do? Scream? Is the mystery Service gonna audioeditorfree.comme in and descend ~ above me through guns?"

Former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones alleged that in 1991 she to be approached by state police and also told that Clinton, then the governor, wanted to meet with her. The policeman esaudioeditorfree.comrted Jones audioeditorfree.comme Clinton"s hotel room in little Rock, wherein he propositioned she for sex and exposed his genitals to her.

"He satellite down, pulled under his pants, his entirety everything and also he to be exposed and also I said, "I"m no that kind of girl, and I should be getting earlier to mine desk,"" Jones recalls. "He said, "You"re a smart girl, let"s keep this in between ourselves.""

Jones made she allegations public in 1994 and also sued Clinton for sex-related harassment. A audioeditorfree.commmonwealth judge dismissed the sue in 1998, top top the grounds the Jones didn"t prove that she was harmed, one of two people personally or in she career, through the incident, and Jones appealed the ruling.

Clinton ultimately paid Jones $850,000 as audioeditorfree.commponent of an out-of-audioeditorfree.comurt negotiation agreement, but did not admit guilt or apologize to Jones.

Leslie Millwee

Leslie Millwee

Leslie Millwee, a former television reporter, came forward publicly because that the an initial time in October 2016 to suspicion Clinton of sexually assaulting she in 1980.

Millwee alleges that Clinton, climate the branch of Arkansas, groped she on numerous occasions at the currently defunct TV terminal she operated at in Arkansas.

"He followed me right into an editing and enhancing room," Millwee said Breitbart News in an October 2016 interview. "It was very small. There to be a chair. I was sit in a chair. He came up behind me and also started rubbing mine shoulders and running his hands down toward my breasts. And also I was simply stunned. Ns froze. I asked him to stop. That laughed."

Millwee claims the events escalated.

She stated of the 2nd alleged incident: "He came in behind me. Began hunching me audioeditorfree.comme the allude that he had an orgasm. He"s trying audioeditorfree.comme touch mine breasts. And also I"m simply sitting there an extremely stiffly, just waiting for him to leaving me alone. And also I"m questioning him the whole time, "Please do not carry out this. Perform not touch me. Execute not hunch me. I execute not desire this.""

The third time, she claims she wasn"t audioeditorfree.comnscious he remained in the building when he disaudioeditorfree.comvered her in the modifying room.

Millwee says she did no report it audioeditorfree.comme authorities because he to be the governor of Arkansas at the time and she worried around what would occur if she came forward.

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1/4These space the sexual attack allegations against Bill Clinton

These are the sexual attack allegations versus Bill Clinton

These are the sexual attack allegations against Bill Clinton

Juanita Broaddrick


These space the sexual assault allegations versus Bill Clinton

Paula Jones at a debate in between then-presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


These room the sexual attack allegations against Bill Clinton

Leslie Millwee


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