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Wisconsin at a glance

Gray wolves once existed transparent Wisconsin; however, killing started shortly after europe settlement. Wolves to be removed primarily by shoot or trapping in between 1865 and also 1957. Within a few years after their protection under the Endangered species Act in 1974, immigrated from Minnesota and also established territories in Wisconsin. According to commonwealth recovery criteria, wolves in Wisconsin have been biologically recovered for number of years. They to be delisted native the endangered species list in January 2012 and also were state managed until December 2014, at which time they to be placed ago on the endangered types list.

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Wolves to be again delisted in January 2021 and also are now managed by the state’s room of natural Resources. A hunt was hosted in February 2021. Much more information about that hunt deserve to be found by complying with this link.

Attitudes through the basic public are reasonably positive toward wolves, however wolves proceed to it is in controversial. Around one-quarter to one-half of mortality in recent years over there was as result of illegal death by humans. Main prey for wolves in Wisconsin room deer, beaver, and also in main areas, turkey. Wolves occupy the northern section and a small central portion of the state (known together the state’s central forest).

Wolves were hunted in Wisconsin in 2012, 2013 and 2014. When they were relisted ~ above the Endangered species Act, the hunting seasons closed. Additional information.

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Species Information


Western an excellent Lakes Distinct populace Segment (delisted area) and also range

SpeciesCommon Name: gray audioeditorfree.comLatin Name: Canis lupus

Potential varieties designation under dispute by the scientific communityCommon Name: east, hardwood audioeditorfree.comLatin Name: Canis lycaon

Location: C. Lupus and also the potential C. Lycaon are equivalent from each other physically, behaviorally and ecologically. The only method to tell the difference between them is a genetic test and also comparison. Both inhabit the northern fifty percent of Wisconsin.

Current Population, Trend, StatusNumber the wolves: 914-978 in 2019, according to the Wisconsin room of herbal Resources (as thorough in this report).Population trend: IncreasingLegal status: managed by the state the Wisconsin

Human Relationships



Wolves relaxing in Wisconsin, WI DNR

Recovery and Management

US Fish and Wildlife: Gray recovery in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan