Alleged holy bible Contradiction

1 Samuel 16:10-11 clearly implies that Jesse, the dad of Israel"s King David, had actually at least eight sons, of i m sorry David to be the eighth. But 1 Chronicles 2:13-15 shows that Jesse had only 7 sons, and that David to be the youngest. Which text is correct? How countless sons did Jesse yes, really have? and how have the right to the scriptures be trusted if you check out one point in one place and a entirely contradictory statement in one more place?

Sensible Solution

Both texts space no doubt correct. The is most most likely that among Jesse"s sons died before making any far-ranging impact throughout David"s reign—thus gift of no account come the chronicler.

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You will keep in mind that 1 Chronicles 2:13-15 does not state that Jesse only ever before had 7 sons. It just names 7 of his young (including David) and also two that his daughters.

If one of Jesse"s sons had actually died prior to being married, or without having actually had any type of children the his own, or without having ever before done anything specifically noteworthy, it would certainly not be inexplicable for his name to it is in omitted indigenous the written document in 1 Chronicles. Even today it is often common practice (except in official genealogical registers) come refer to only the surviving children.

The two texts in question here do no constitute a necessary contradiction. Therefore, this challenge is resolvable and cannot it is in legitimately provided to actors doubt top top the trustworthiness the Scripture. Therefore, the instance for the government of the holy bible as one inspired, accurate, and also inerrant revelation from God continues to be intact.

Relevant principles for dealing with bible Difficulties

A far-ranging number of bible texts really carry out seem (at least initially) to pose a challenge to the claim that the bible is 100% reliable. But every among those “problem” texts has actually long since been uncovered, very closely considered, and resolved in one intelligent and reasonable manner. No new Bible obstacles are around to it is in revealed.

Here space a couple of principles to save in mind together one approaches scriptures texts that appear problematic:

If one accepts as a premise the fee that the holy bible contains even one minute error, then the bible automatically, necessarily, loses its authority as the word of God. If the scriptures is no 100% precise (even concerning matters of background and science) then it i do not care 100% suspect. Without inerrancy the bible cannot it is in infallible, and also without infallibility the holy bible cannot be trusted together the reliable document of one Almighty God.

Verse context and also historic word consumption are both tricks to unraveling numerous so-called holy bible contradictions.

Copyist and also transmissional errors perform not imply scriptures errancy. A broad variety of scribal errors have actually been identified, categorized, and explained in ways that enable one to proceed to reasonably urge on an inerrant original autograph (Bible).

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Author: Daryl E. Witmer that AIIA Institute.