Reality TV star and infamous bail bondsman Duane "Dog" Chapman has quite a method with the ladies. After ~ all, the Dog the Bounty Hunter alum has been married 5 times and also fathered 12 children with six different women! No stranger to controversy, Dog stirred up an ext drama in might 2020 when he announced his engagement to girlfriend Francie Frane, news i m sorry came nearly a year ~ late wife Beth Chapman"s passing and a whirlwind romance with Beth"s friend, Moon Angell.

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In an interview v People, Dog opened up around his decision to propose to Francie. "I need a partner," he explained. "I"ve claimed it before. Over there will never ever be another Mrs. Dog. ...If Beth to be here and also saw Francie and also saw exactly how she to be raised, she morality and this and also that, Beth would say, "Big daddy, don"t lose her.""

Dog"s daughter Bonnie Chapman defended his decision to suggest to Francie in the exact same article. "My mom would"ve wanted him to be happy," she added.

In honor of Dog"s nuptials, we"re acquisition a look ago on the truth star"s rollercoaster the a love life. Right here is the truth around Dog the Bounty Hunter"s ex-wives (and infant mamas)!

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According come The Mirror, Debbie gave birth to Dog"s eldest son Christopher Hecht in 1969. Virtually a decade later, Duane "Dog" Chapman was serving one 18-month prison sentence, follow to Lad Bible, leading Debbie come conceal her pregnancy and also raise her child alone, according to The Mirror.

Given the Dog has staked a job on a commitment to upholding the regulation as a bounty hunter, fans can be surprised to find out of his stint behind bars. "It"s something that adheres to you the remainder of her life, no issue who you end up being or who you are," Dog called the Toronto Star in 2012. "I"m not proud of it." 

Upon his release, Dog learned the his son"s existence, and, end the years, the father and also son forged a vulnerable relationship despite Christopher"s struggles with problem abuse, together per The Mirror. In 2014, Dog offered an interview come the National Enquirer, explaining the he"d staged an intervention and also put Christopher in rehab.

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Duane "Dog" Chapman"s very first official marriage was to La Fonda Sue in April 1972, though their marriage was short-lived, according to The Mirror. "Even though ns was married, ns was still enjoying the biker life, wh**ing around, smoking pot, and also drinking whiskey till I was fully out that control," he composed in his 2007 memoir, You have the right to Run however You Can"t Hide.

Dog"s questionable life decisions culminated with his involvement in the 1976 murder of Jerry Oliver, supposed drug dealer that was 69 year old at the moment of his death, follow to The Guardian

When she husband to be jailed for first-degree murder, La Fonda timeless filed because that divorce and also custody of their 2 children, Duane Jr. And Leland Chapman, together The Mirror reported. Once Dog finished serving his time, the vowed to revolve his life around. He began working at his dad"s Hawaiian bail bonds company, according to the outlet, which catapulted the family to call and collection Dog"s TV career in motion.

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Two year after his very first divorce, Duane "Dog" Chapman was all set to walk down the aisle once more. That tied the knot with Ann Tegnell in 1979 and also the couple went ~ above to have actually three youngsters together, though kid Zebadiah tragically passed away just a couple of weeks after ~ his birth in 1980, follow to Entertainment Tonight. Wesley Chapman to be born later that year, adhered to by another baby, James, in 1982.

Dog and also Ann in the interim split in between the bear of both sons, though damaged up for an excellent after James" arrival, together per The Mirror.

While his marital relationship to Ann was relatively traditional, Dog"s next relationship was anything but. After conference soon-to-be 3rd wife Lyssa Rae Brittain in a bar, The Mirror reported the Dog available her $1,000 to have his boy — a transaction to i beg your pardon she agreed! despite the truth that Lyssa was already married, according to The Things, she conveniently divorced she then-husband to wed Dog in a mountaintop ceremony. The pair welcomed three children: Tucker, Barbara and "Baby Lyssa" Chapman — prior to divorcing in November of 1991, together per the outlet.

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Duane "Dog" Chapman"s 4th marriage, come Tawny Marie Chapman, is one he explains in his 2007 memoir, You can Run however You Can"t Hide, as "a disaster from the start." The turoulend liaison began when he arrested Tawny for medicine possession and also she came to be his secretary. Dog later admitted that he knew "in his love it was a mistake," as provided by E! News.

Dog had actually met Beth Chapman a few years earlier, once she"d turned come him for assist in posting she bond. Their very first face-to-face carried immediate electricity, as Dog composed in the book.

But, as result of her young age, Dog battled his attraction and stayed away from Beth, who later married his high school buddy, Keith Barmore, follow to The Mirror. In spite of the truth that both were married to various other people, they turned to one an additional for solace between painful marriages. "Truth be told, Beth and also I were sleeping together the entire time i was married to Tawny and throughout her marital relationship to Keith," Dog candidly admitted.

After a long series of ups-and-downs, the pair separated native their particular spouses and also came together. In the loss of 2005, Dog proposed come the mrs he "always knew would certainly be my forever wife," that wrote.

In 2017, Beth Chapman to be tragically diagnosed with stage 2 neck cancer, per Entertainment Tonight.

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Her fatality in June 2019 left Dog devastated, who lamented in the July 2019 interview that "there is not another Beth. There"ll never be another Beth. Over there ain"t a girl built like an additional Beth."

In his grief, he to be admitted to the hospital because that breathing issues, a scare he characteristics to one heart-wrenching reason. "I think I had actually a broken heart," the told Fox Denver.

Dog next discovered comfort through Moon Angell, a mrs his daughter "Baby Lyssa" Chapman blasted for having previously had actually a partnership with among Dog"s sons. Lyssa slammed Moon on society media as a "disgusting" person, tweeting, "Let"s no forget just how you concerned know my family because you were through my BROTHER. Currently TRYING TO get WITH mine DAD. BARFFFFF."

Thankfully, Dog conveniently moved on from Moon v Francie Frane, whom he started dating in 2020. He and the rancher both shed their partners to cancer. Of his decision to suggest to Francie, Dog told People, "When you know, you know."