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When duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski retires in ~ the end of this upcoming season, the will perform so as among the most completed coaches in NCAA history. 

No one has won an ext games. Just one coach has won more national championships. He is tied for the many Naismith university Coach of the Year honors.

He is already a basketball and college basketball hall of Famer. 

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We"re taking a look at the number behind Krzyzewski"s legend career. 

47 years coaching

Krzyzewski is at 46 year coaching NCAA basketball, yet with the news that the 2021-22 campaign will it is in his last, he will retire having been at the helm of a regime for 47 years. 

Few coaches can match that number. Phog Allen has coached the many seasons, as he began coaching in 1905 with Baker and completed his 50th season of coaching in 1956 through Kansas. Jim Phelan take it the head coaching gig at mount St. Mary"s in 1954 ~ one year together an assistant and also remained the head coach for 49 years. 

Next up? Well, that"s Krzyzewski. He"s gone to Duke for 41 year — around to it is in 42 — and also he invested the previous five years coaching at his alma mater Army. That complied with a one-year assistant coaching gig under his former head coach Bob Knight. 

1,170 coaching wins

The number will change by the end of the year, however for now his current win complete sits in ~ 1,170. 

In 2016, he became the winningest coach in NCAA competition play with his 90th victory in march Madness. In 2017, he picked up his 1,000th success to end up being the an initial men"s department I coach to reach 4 digits. The following year, that passed beat Summit for the most wins by a division I coach. In 2019, he surpassed Harry Statham to lay case to the title of most wins by a university basketball coach at any type of level or of any type of gender. 


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He has put together these wins with exceptional consistency. Because joining fight it out in 1980, he has actually won at least 20 games in 35 of his 41 seasons. He was got to 30 wins in 13 of those seasons. 

His all-time win full could be potentially in jeopardy at part point, however. Herb Magee, the current division II men"s basketball coach at thomas Jefferson University, sits at 1,123 wins. Stanford women"s basketball coach Tara VanDerveer is coming turn off a nationwide championship win and also has 1,125 wins in her career while UConn women"s coach Geno Auriemma has 1,119 wins and just signed an expansion to save him in ~ the helm of the Huskies. 

But the only active department I men"s coach near to Krzyzewski is Syracuse"s Jim Boeheim, who has 982 wins. 

5 nationwide championships

Wins during the consistent season space great, yet coaches stick around in big part for their capacity to bring new banners to the rafters. And only UCLA"s man Wooden lugged home much more NCAA title to his program. 

While coaching the Blue Devils, battle each other has to be crowned nationwide champion 5 times: 1991, 1992, 2001, 2010 and 2015. The back-to-back championships made that the fifth-ever coach come string with each other titles in continuous years. Wood holds the record for winning seven straight from 1967 come 1973. Billy Donovan in ~ Florida ended up being the 6th with back-to-back wins in 2006 and also 2007. 

Krzyzewski"s success in march Madness have the right to be measure in much more than simply the five rings. His 12 last Four appearances are tied with Wooden because that the many by any coach and also his 97 wins in competition play was standing alone as the most — competitor UNC coach Roy Williams is 2nd at 79. 

And Krzyzewski retained that competition success walk in conference play. He winner 15 ACC Tournaments throughout his career to go together with the 12 regular season ACC title he accumulated. 

3 Naismith university Coach of the Year honors

With every the wins, national championships and various accomplishments, it must come together no surprised that Krzyzewski has plenty of separation, personal, instance hardware to acknowledge his successes.

He has been 3 times named the Naismith college Coach that the Year, the peak honor given to NCAA department I coaches. Krzyzewski obtained the honors in 1989, 1992 and also 1999. 

John Calipari is the just other men"s coach v three, to win one in 1996 with UMass, 2008 with Memphis and 2015 through Kentucky. Auriemma has won the women"s coaching honors eight times, Summit winner it 5 times and Muffet McGraw and also VanDerveer have actually each winner it 3 times. 

Krzyzewski has claimed other coaching honors as well. He"s the 1986 winner of the UPI Coach of the Year, 1991 recipient of the national Association of Basketball Coaches Coach the the Year, 2004 winner of the Clair bee Coach that the Year and the five-time winner the the ACC Coach that the Year. The was named the conference"s optimal coach in 1984, 1986, 1997, 1999 and also 2000. That was additionally named Sporting News Coach that the Year in 1992.

72 NBA players

When top high school recruits room looking at college choices for basketball, one of the an initial things castle look at is even if it is a regimen develops NBA talent. Under Krzyzewski at Duke, over there were couple of programs that compared. 

Since that took over in 1980, 72 players that wore a Blue Devils uniform walk on come play in the NBA. That those 72, 28 have showed up in NBA games this season. 

And just how an excellent were those players? Collectively, they have actually averaged 24 minutes per video game over their careers if posting video game averages that 10.5 points, 4.2 rebounds and 2.2 assists. 

Grant Hill, Elton Brand, Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, Brandon Ingram, Zion Williamson, J.J. Redick, Jabari Parker and many others have come v Durham and the coaching of Krzyzewski to with the floors the the NBA.