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July 31, 2019 Texas ranks first in U.S.-installed wind capacity and number of turbines

As the the start of 2019, 41 states had at the very least one installed wind turbine. Of this 41 states, Texas had actually the largest variety of turbines, with an ext than 13,000, and the most mounted wind capacity, at 24.2 gigawatts (GW). Together wind technology has advanced, turbines have actually grown bigger in the joined States, and also the volume of separation, personal, instance turbines has increased through size. Claims where wind fostering occurred early, such as California, have actually a high number of turbines relative to their wind generation capacity compared with says where wind was adopted later, such together Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and also Illinois.


Based on data in the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Annual electrical Generator Inventory, the earliest U.S. Wind generators still operating were set up in California in July 1975. Despite having the second most set up wind turbines, California account for just 6.1 GW of complete installed capacity, fourth among the states. In 2018, California decreased its number of turbines however still boosted its wind capacity by repowering some turbines to boost their efficiency.


Although California has actually the oldest operable turbine (44 years), Tennessee has, top top average, the earliest operating wind turbines, v an average project period of 17 years. California, Wyoming, Minnesota, and also Arkansas round the end the top five states in terms of oldest project ages, indigenous an typical 16 years old in California come an average 12 year old in Arkansas.

Wind turbine hub heights have actually increased over time because turbine blades have obtained longer. Turbines with longer blades and a better rotor diameter generally have higher nameplate capacity. Larger turbines, such together those in California or Tennessee, usually are shorter and have much shorter blades than newer turbines, i m sorry have higher hub heights to accommodate longer blades.