There have actually been a variety of Albino Moose reportings over the years and also certainly there are a number of photographs floating about on the internet to indicate these pets really perform exist. Yet where are they? It would seem that every picture of this white moose on the net has someone different claiming they took the pictures. I suppose the beginning of the photos is not so vital as, where have the right to the average person see among these beautiful rarities?

Rare Sighting of one Albino MoosePhoto bring away by Richard Cake close to Timmins, Ontario top top November 2, 2018 *Special many thanks to Stephanie Cake because that sharing the photo!*
What Others have Found

Snopes says about their pictures: It has been daunting in tracking under the beginning of the photographs. The explanation we have actually received concerning the images of the albino moose have placed these very same moose in various places in the northern hemisphere. How is one to identify the actual origin?

Snopes ( has posted a number of photos the the white moose on your website, yet even they are unsure that the origins of this pictures.

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Albino Moose - Sweden

In Timmins Ontario a regulation to be passed to defend the white colored moose . The federal government of Ontario news release on march 22, 2006 states:

he Folyet area that northeastern Ontario recognizes the social and spiritual significance of the white moose to an initial Nations and also promotes regional eco-tourism<.>

There seems to it is in a population of these moose near Timmins in the Chapleau and Foleyet forest districts. The white phased moose are not a separate varieties but belong to a declining genetic factor (Wikipedia: Albinism results from inheritance the recessive gene alleles and is known to affect all vertebrates, consisting of humans.)that occurs in ~ the moose populace. The province of Ontario has actually placed a ban on harvest the the rare animals.

Quote indigenous Ontario 2010 Moose hunting Regulations: note on White-Coloured Moose: The Fish and also Wildlife preservation Act, 1997, prohibits the searching of moose that are over 50 per cent white coloured in Wildlife management Units 30 and 31, one area close to Timmins, Chapleau and Foleyet. This regulation does not impact the availability of moose validation tags because that resident and also non-resident hunters.


Albino Moose recorded on Video

One the our website visitors in Sweden controlled to capture, on video a white moose and also was kind sufficient to share the link with us. Seeing a white moose is rare and also capturing a white moose on video clip is unheard of, at least for most of us. Have actually a look at the video clip and be certain to re-publishing it!


The following received by email...

Unsure of whereby you are located or if girlfriend heard this story however or not, but in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada a white or albino moose  was killed ~ above Thurs., Oct. 3rd, 2013 by a team of non-native that were ecstatic about their kill. I`m mi`kmaq, our communities are saddened. A sacred ceremony is walk to it is in performed to respect the animal. Nothing have the right to be excellent to carry this moose back, but hopefully some education in this area will stop others from acquisition the resides of these beautiful animals. Simply thought I`d share.

White Moose eliminated by neighborhood Hunters

I do not know much...just stumbled across your website when I to be googling the rarity the the white moose and also thought to happen it along as I thought it might be the interest. Ceremony starts morning (Oct 17, 2013) to honor the white moose (tiam in mi"kmaq, pronounce dee-om in english). It will certainly be a four day ceremony. There will certainly be offerings, one altar, and prayers to release its spirit back to wherein it need to be. Below is another link with much more info:Albino Moose to it is in Honoured in mi"kmaq Ceremony

And thank-you (wela"lin, pronounce wuh-lah-lynn in english) for honoring the white moose for the mi"kmaq within her website. //Tracy

Emmett Peters, the Elder that is leading the ceremony is a friend of mine. Ns went to institution with one of his daughters. That is indigenous Paq"tnkek FN, close to Antigonish, NS.

He is a wonderfully kind man, together is his wife, all his daughters, and also his grandchildren. Ceremony starts is Darmouth, NS, then ns am unsure where it goes native there.

The white moose is a messenger animal to ours people. A spirit animal, the connects united state to the Creator.

Forgot come is also, October is Mi"kmaq history Month. I"m an city mi"kmaq who has actually moved from the city to the reserve, so I"m tho learning...have no been fortunate sufficient to see one of these pets yet myself...guess a article was meant to be sent out my method yet...eagles yes, really follow me.

Thanks for her time. Take care. If ns hear anything rather or get any type of photos, I"ll let friend know. //Tracy

2010 vermont moose hunt walk on as scheduled this year, together it has because 1993. Except for one, quite significant anomaly... A teenage girl hunter harvested what shows up to it is in an Albino Moose. The regional wildlife biologists indicate the odds the coming across a white moose are around 100,000:1. There space some areas of the USA and also Canada that defend these rarely moose from harvest however Vermont apparently is not among them. It has actually been report the moose had what showed up to be to be pink eyes which would suggest the moose was without doubt an albino not simply a white-phase moose.

Loose Moose


In early 2012 Maurice Chenard caught this picture of a Pinto Moose or Spotted Moose close to Falher, Alberta; have you ever before seen anything favor this?

Moose the this coloration or piebald pattern are extremely rare. Some world have claimed that this is a hoax, while rather have suggested that a moose and a paint equine or cow overcome bred.

The reality of the issue is... This is a real moose, a bull moose v his antler pedicles showing. This young male would be 10 come 11 month old. As lengthy as the skin remains over the apex, this small antler will not be burned this winter. Fairly it will become component of the an initial bony and visible antlers the will type next spring.

Hopefully who will see this guy next year v his antlers and also take some images then too.

Sad Update:

Apparently some world have no respect in ~ all; local wildlife officers discovered a leg from the spotted moose in April. According to one officer the moose had actually been shot... The shooting would need to have been by poachers together the searching season was already over. They said they can tell it had been shooting by the way the leg had actually been removed... No other body components were ever before found.

Would you Shoot One?

These albino or white-phased have been reported in a variety of states and also provinces over countless years. Ns would suggest if you are out moose hunting and also you occur upon among these rare beasts, you should dig deep and also ask yourself if you can justify acquisition the life of together a rarely animal.

Personally, ns would have to say ns would need to pass increase an chance such together this.

I bet there space plenty of arguments to walk ahead and also shoot (if they are unprotected in your area) and just as countless opinions regarding why not. I will leave friend to it is in the judge.

A True Story:

In 1974 a white moose was shot exterior Fairbanks Alaska the hide was tanned and stored away. In 2005 the present owner the the hide decided to have actually it mounted. At first the taxidermist said, no way, it cannot be done. Yet after some rethinking and also calculating made decision it was worth the risk. As it turned out it was. The white moose currently hangs in the Fairbanks Moose Lodge.

For heavens sake, take part pictures. Sightings the these pets are rare, if you space fortunate sufficient to see one of these majestic whitemoose, it is in sure and take as plenty of photographs together you can. Report your sighting to the local wildlife office and also supply together much information as possible.

In 2007 a couple walked into the Oran office through their digital camera. On the camera were several photos of albino moose, supposedly bring away in or close to Margaree, Cape Breton. Follow to wildlife biologists of the area this would be a first there.

You can see that these white moose deserve to be found about the northern hemisphere including parts of Europe, I discovered some recommendations to the fact that Sweden too had occasions the the rarely albino moose or ALG as it is recognized there.

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If you have actually some authentic and original albino moose photos that we can short article here, please usage our call us form.