A football coach. An athletic director. And young, eager and also forward-looking students.

castle were amongst the 17 world killed by a gunman Wednesday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High institution in Parkland, Florida.

Broward county Sheriff Scott Israel stated Thursday the all families who lost loved people in the shooting have actually been notified.

below are the victims:

Alyssa Alhadeff, 14

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Alyssa, 14, was a student at Stoneman Douglas and also a football player for Parkland travel Soccer.

Lori Alhadeff, Alyssa’s mother, told HLN she dropped her daughter turn off at school Wednesday and said, “I love you.” as soon as the mother heard around the shooting, she hustled come school, however was also late.

“I knew in ~ that suggest she to be gone. I felt it in mine heart,” she said. “Alyssa to be a beautiful, smart, talented, successful, awesome, exceptional soccer player. You will do it be considerably missed, Alyssa. We love you so much. You will do it always, constantly be in ours hearts.”


john McCall/South Florida Sun-Sentinel/AP
Students exit from a lockdown adopt following following a shooting in ~ Marjory Stoneman Douglas High college in Parkland, Fla., Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. (John McCall/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP)
how to help victims the the Florida college shooting

“Alyssa Alhadeff was a loved and well respected member of ours club and also community,” Parkland travel Soccer claimed on Facebook. “Alyssa will be considerably missed.”

Alyssa also attended Camp Coleman, a Jewish sleepaway summer camp.

“On behalf of the entire Coleman community, we offer heartfelt condolences and also prayers because that comfort to Alyssa’s family and also friends. May Alyssa’s memory forever be for a blessing,” the camp stated on Facebook.

Scott Beigel, 35


Facebook/Camp Starlight
Beigel, a geography teacher, was killed as the tried to usher students earlier into his classroom as soon as the shooting damaged out.

Kelsey Friend, among Beigel’s students, told audioeditorfree.com in an emotionally interview that he was shot external the great door and that he saved her life.

Student offers tearful tribute to slain teacher

“Mr. Beigel was my hero and also he still will forever be my hero. Ns will never forget the actions that he took because that me and also for other students in the classroom,” she said. “I am lively today because of him.”

Kelsey claimed the teacher was an remarkable person and his memory would certainly live on with her.

“If I might see the right now … I’d give him a substantial teddy bear to say say thanks to you. Yet unfortunately i can’t execute that,” she said.

Beigel, 35, was additionally a counselor in ~ Camp Starlight in Pennsylvania, which referred to as him a “friend and also hero” top top Facebook.

martin Duque Anguiano, 14


from Miguel Duque/Instagram
Miguel Duque mourned the lose of his younger brother, Martin, and collection up a Go fund Me page to help pay for funeral expenses.

“He was a really funny kid, outgoing, and sometimes yes, really quiet. He to be sweet and also caring and loved by all his family. Most of all he to be my baby brother,” Miguel claimed on the page.

“My family and also I have no words to describe the occasion that’s has actually happened top top this date, every my prayers to the lost ones. Mine family and I will certainly appreciate anything that we can gain helped with. R.I.P martin Duque.”

Nicholas Dworet, 17

Facebook/TS Aquatics
Nicholas, a 17-year-old senior, was killed in the shooting, the university of Indianapolis confirmed. He to be recruited because that the university swim team and would have actually been an incoming freshman this fall.

“Nick’s death is a reminder that we are associated to the bigger world, and also when tragedy hits in places approximately the world, that oftentimes affects us at home,” claimed Robert L. Manuel, college of Indianapolis president.

“Today, and also in the comes days, i hope girlfriend will organize Nick, his family, all of the victims, and the Parkland ar and an initial responders in her prayers.”

Aaron Feis, 37

Feis, an assistant football coach, was killed when he threw self in prior of college student to defend them indigenous oncoming bullets, follow to football regimen spokeswoman Denis Lehtio. Feis, 37, endured a gunshot wound and died after ~ he was rushed into surgery, Lehtio said.

“He died the same way he live – he placed himself second,” she said. “He to be a really kind soul, a very nice man. He died a hero.”

Colton Haab, a 17-year-old small who had a close partnership with Feis, called audioeditorfree.com he experienced the coach running toward the sounds of gunshots.

“That’s Coach Feis. He wants to make certain everybody is safe prior to himself,” that said.

“(He) made sure everyone else’s requirements were met before his own. He to be a difficult worker. He operated after school, top top the weekends, mowing lawns, just helping together many world as possible.”

Chad Lyons, a student and also football player, said Feis was there for him when he was going through leukemia treatments.

“He guided me through them. He would send me prayers. He would certainly send me scriptures scripts and just ingredient to cheer up mine day. Funny memes,” the player said.

“He was simply an amazing person to be led on and also taught by, and also I’m thankful enough to also be in his presence, just going through high school.”

Jaime Guttenberg, 14

Facebook/Jaime Guttenberg
Jaime, 14, was among the victims, according to a Facebook article by her father, Fred.

“My heart is broken. Yesterday, Jennifer Bloom Guttenberg and also I lost our infant girl to a violent shoot at she school. We shed our daughter and my child Jesse Guttenberg lost his sister.

“I am broken as I write this trying to number out how my family gets with this. Us appreciate every one of the calls and messages and also we apples for no reacting to anyone individually,” that added. “Hugs come all and also hold your kids tight.”

Skidmore College, wherein Fred Guttenberg attended, released a declare saying your hearts go the end to Jaime’s parents and also others impacted by the tragedy.

“There really are no words come lessen the suffering that the households of victims room feeling in ~ this moment, however perhaps knowing that we stand with them can administer some little measure of solace,” the college said.

chris Hixon, 49

His widow, Debra, was telling audioeditorfree.com the he to be “probably the ideal man that ns … ” as soon as she couldn’t walk on.

She had actually just defined Chris Hixon – that was the school’s athletic director – together an awesome husband, father and also American.

“Every among those college student he assumed of together his very own kid,” she said earlier.

Hixon, 49 would give students rides or lunch money and, if they needed it, open up his house to them. “He just loved being around kids and also giving earlier to the community,” Debra Hixon said.

A naval reservist, kris Hixon deployed to Iraq in 2007.

“He loved being an American and also serving his country and also he instilled the in our kids,” she said.

Hixon was also the school’s wrestling coach, something that was his passion.

Luke Hoyer, 15

The death shocked Luke’s close-knit family.

Grandparents Eddie and Janice Stroud in Simpsonville, south Carolina, learned about the news the the shooting from TV reports, lock told audioeditorfree.com affiliate WYFF in Greenville.

“The day went by and also we didn’t hear anything about Luke. We retained hoping lock would discover him wandering around in shock,” janice Stroud told the station.

“By 7 o’clock, ns said, ‘I don’t prefer this. This is no good,’ ” her husband said, follow to WYFF. “Finally, (police) called us at 1 a.m. And said Luke was among the student that had actually been killed.”

zenit Stroud said, “He was a an excellent kid. He … never gained in trouble. He was the critical of mine daughter’s children who still live at home.”

Cousin approve Cox dubbed Luke “an exceptional individual. Always happy, always smiling. His smile was contagious, and also so was his laugh.

another relative, mar Beth Stroud-Gibbs, post on on facebook that the household is “very close” and also it is “devastated by this senseless shooting.”

“Our Luke was a priceless child.”

Cara Loughran, 14

Cara danced in ~ the Drake school of irish Dance in southern Florida.

“Cara was a beautiful heart and constantly had a smile on she face,” the run studio claimed in a statement. “We room heartbroken as we send ours love and support to she family during this horrible time.”

Danny Vogel, a neighbor, post condolences top top Facebook.

“It is v a hefty heart and much regret the I create these words. Our next-door neighbor’s daughter was among the resides taken (too) shortly by a senseless action of violence at Stoneman Douglas High School.

“RIP Cara, and fly with the angels. You will be substantially missed, and also we will constantly love you and celebrate your beautiful life.”

Gina Montalto, 14

Gina was a member the the winter guard on the school’s marching band.

The Winter Guard global mourned her death Thursday, saying, “Unfortunately, one of the victims in yesterday’s St. Valentine’s day Massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school was a member the the school’s winter guard.

“No student should ever go to college afraid,” the group said.

among her middle school shade guard instructors called The Miami Herald the Gina “was the sweetest spirit ever.”

“My love is damaged into pieces. I will forever psychic you, mine sweet angel,” Manuel Miranda called the paper.

Shawn Sherlock, Gina’s aunt, posted a tribute ~ above Facebook, describing she niece together a gifted artist.

“I know somewhere in the heavens she’s making the latest and also greatest trends and also has her art book she always carried through her together well,” she wrote.

Joaquin Oliver, 17

Joaquin was born in Venezuela, relocated to the unified States when he was 3 and became a naturalized citizen in January 2017, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

“Among friends in ~ Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the was known as ‘Guac,’ a moniker that showed up on his Instagram account. His interests: football, basketball, the Venezuelan national soccer team, urban graffiti and also hip-hop,” the document said.

one Instagram post dated December 31 was his final social media post – a message to his girlfriend, the file said.

“Thank you mr for placing a greater blessing than I can ever imagine right into my life this past year,” the said. “I love you through all mine heart.”

Alaina Petty, 14

Alaina’s family said she to be vibrant and also determined. She had volunteered after Hurricane Irma struggle Florida in September.

“Alaina love to serve,” the statement from her household said.

She was likewise a component of the “Helping Hands” regimen of the Church of Jesus Christ that Latter-day Saints.

“While we will not have the possibility to clock her prosper up and become the impressive woman we understand she would become, we are keeping an eternal perspective,” her family said.

Alaina, 14, was likewise a member the the small ROTC at her school, a management program taught by retired army personnel.

meadow Pollack, 18

Meadow, 18, had actually been accepted at Lynn college in Boca Raton, spokeswoman Jamie D’Aria said.

“Meadow was a beloved young woman, who was full of energy. Us were really much looking forward to having her sign up with our community in the fall,” D’Aria said.

Condolences were posted ~ above an digital guestbook preserved by Star of David Memorial Gardens Cemetery and also Funeral Chapel.

“Please expropriate my deepest condolences on the ns of your beautiful daughter, Meadow. May she remainder in peace. Your family is in my continued prayers,” claimed Alisa cutting board of Youngstown, Ohio.

“You are and also forever will certainly be loved.”

Helena Ramsay, 17

“My household lost an certain beautiful member today, due to a senseless institution shooting,” Curtis page Jr. Stated in a on facebook post around Helena, who would have actually started college next year.

“Helena to be a smart, kind hearted, and also thoughtful person. She was deeply loved and also loved others even an ext so. Despite she was part what reserved, she had a relentless an ideas towards her academic studies, and her soft heat demeanor lugged the best out in all who knew her. She to be so brilliant and also witty, and also I’m still wrestling with the idea the she is actually gone.”

page said he hopes others have the right to be inspired by Helena’s “life well lived, no matter exactly how short.”

Fena Cooper, identify herself together a cousin, said in a facebook posting, “Valentine’s work will never ever look the exact same for my family.

“Helena, we miss out on you dearly and also are so extremely sorry the your life was reduced short. You no deserve this. We love friend so much and will miss out on you greatly.”

Alex Schachter, 14

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Alex participated in the school marching band and also orchestra, playing baritone in the former and trombone in the latter, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

“I felt that really had a glowing future ~ above the trombone,” Alexander Kaminsky, manager of bands at the Parkland high school, said the paper.

A Go fund Me page was set up through Alex’s household as a scholarship fund.

“In an initiative to proceed his memory, this scholarship is being developed to aid other students endure the joys the music and also fund increased security in ~ schools. Please help keep Alex’s soul alive,” the page said. “The money elevated will be sent to the Stoneman Douglas Marching Eagles.”

Carmen Schentrup, 16

Peter had been a member that the junior ROTC program, and also his parents owned a restaurant in West Palm Beach, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Kelsey Friend, who shared a culinary class with Peter, stated she “started screaming and crying” once she uncovered out about her friend’s death by feather at photos on Google that those who had died.

“I am wearing my culinary shirt right now, come remember him,” she called Alisyn Camerota top top audioeditorfree.com’s “New Day” top top Friday.

Kelsey said Peter had been excited around the Chinese brand-new Year, which dropped on Friday.

“Me and my family celebrated it for him, eating Chinese,” she said.

Kelsey said the two of them were close.

“It’s tough to not have actually him in the hallways anymore since me and him supplied to laugh through each other. He provided to do me smile. And also now he is gone.”

Kelsey and other friends said Peter to be shot when holding a door open up to let other classmates get to safety. Thousands of world have signed a White residence petition asking for him to be buried with army honors.

“His selfless and also heroic actions have led to the survival of dozens in the area,” the petition says.

Jesse Pan, a actual estate agent in Parkland, posted pictures of the boy on Facebook, including a couple of the wearing his ROTC uniform.

“Rest in peace Peter!!!” the said.

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