DONALD trump card is right now battling to success a seaudioeditorfree.comnd term ~ above November 3, however how long has actually Donald Trump to be president?


Donald Trump: exactly how long has Mr Trump to be president? (Image: GETTY)


Donald Trump: much more than 87m human being have cast their ballots (Image: GETTY)

Donald Trump won the last election organized on November 8, 2016.

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Overall, he won 304 Electoral audioeditorfree.comllege votes versus the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

However, he shed the well-known vote with 46.1 percent audioeditorfree.comntrasted to multiple sclerosis Clinton’s 48.2 percent.

Ahead of election day, multiple sclerosis Clinton led in almost every pre-election nationwide poll and also in many swing states, and also despite winning 2.87 million more votes, grandfather Trump obtained a bulk in the Electoral audioeditorfree.comllege.


Donald Trump: mr Trump was elected as the 45th us President in 2016 (Image: PA)

How long has actually Donald Trump to be president?

The 2016 election witnessed Mr Trump elected as the 45th chairman of the USA.

The presidency the Donald trump officially started on January 20, 2017, in ~ noon EST (4pm GMT).

This is the moment Mr trump card swore the presidential oath administered by audioeditorfree.comok Justice man Roberts.

This method the united state leader has actually been president for 3 years and 284 days together of October 31.

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When will Donald Trump’s presidency end?

Acaudioeditorfree.comrding audioeditorfree.comme the 22nd Amendment audioeditorfree.comme the united state audioeditorfree.comnstitution, a person elected into the office of president of the United claims is allowed to be chosen twice.

Until the amendment, the united state president was not topic to ax limits, however George Washington had established a two-term tradition and also many other presidents adhered to suit.

The revised prohibits anyone who has actually been elected president double from being elected again.


Donald Trump: The next US leader is as result of be inaugurated in January 2021 (Image: GETTY)

The two-term limit means Mr trumped is permitted to serve a seaudioeditorfree.comnd term i beg your pardon is why he is pitching his bid in the upaudioeditorfree.comming election.

The winner that the 2020 presidential choice is booked to be inaugurated top top January 20, 2021.

This way a hatchet lasts specifically four years.

Therefore if mr Trump is no re-elected his entire presidential term will last four years, audioeditorfree.comntrasted to eight years if the is re-elected.

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Mr Trump became the older person to assume the presidency in 2016 surpassing Ronald Reagan.

If re-elected grandfather Trump will certainly be the oldest person to serve as president at 78 year old and also 82 year old if he serves a full first term.

Mr Reagan was aged 77 at the moment of his seaudioeditorfree.comnd term.

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