There is such a thing as wedding fatigue. Just ask Nick Jonas who married Priyanka Chopra in a flurry the pre-rituals and ceremonies in December.

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There was a lavish Indian ceremony in ~ the Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India, and also a Christian ceremony, the culmination of 3 days of wedding festivities.

During Thursday"s "Carpool Karaoke" segment v the Jonas Brothers, James Corden strapped Nick as much as a lie detector device and asked about the countless events.

"Was there ever before a allude during your numerous weddings the you thought, "I"m done through these weddings?"" inquiry Corden.

"Yes," stated Nick, falling right into giggles (the statement was shown to be true).


"It was as soon as I looked at the bill," that explained.

Kevin was also put under the spotlight and asked if in ~ any allude during his brother"s wedding if he wondered: "How much longer is this going to be?"

His answer "Yes" was shown to be the fact by the lied detector

Celebrity weddings:Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra step out together husband and also wife ~ Indian wedding

"In that procedure we walk some really necessary healing, as soon as things ended it wasn’t the best," claimed Nick. "There was a magic when we were with each other that we would certainly all love to feel again."

Nick admitted he was a huge part that the band initially breaking up in 2013. Yet now there"s a Jonas Brothers comeback album and also a hit an initial single "Sucker," which to be released on march 1.

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"I damaged the tape up, but I acquired ‘em earlier together," stated Nick.

how many weddings did nick jonas