Costco is the nation"s fourth-largest retailer in market share, behind Walmart, Amazon, and CVS, or 5th in sheer sales if you replace CVS with Kroger and also Home Depot, according to RIS News and also the nationwide Retail Federation. The company"s net sales topped a chuck $121 exchange rate in 2020, up practically $25 billion in much less than 10 years. Yet those aren"t the just impressive numbers associated with everybody"s favourite warehouse club. Indigenous rotisserie chicken to giant stuffed bears, there room plenty the eye-popping facts and figures about Costco.

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As of July, this includes 559 locations in the joined States and Puerto Rico, 105 in Canada, 39 in Mexico, 29 in the unified Kingdom, and 30 in Japan. There"s also a Costco in Iceland; 1 in 8 Icelanders signed up for membership before it also opened that doors, follow to Quartz.

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Most cardholders in this May number are basic Gold card members, payment $60 a year. Executive, management members — roughly 22% the Costco"s payment cardholders as of spring of 2021 — pay $120 and also can gain a 2% reward on specific purchases approximately $1,000 a year.

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The club sends straight mail and coupons come existing members, yet spends zilch on marketing chin to the larger public. In contrast, Amazon spent $22 billion on marketing in 2020, Statista says, while Statstic pegs Walmart"s spending in ~ $3.7 billion.

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The typical Costco warehouse save is similar in footprint to a city block in Manhattan. The smallest Costco is 80,000 square feet, and also the biggest is 230,000 — all figures that have actually risen from just a few years ago. Costco"s stores are almost 10% larger on average than those that its significant rival, Sam"s Club.

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By all accounts, Costco employees — including 185,000 full time U.S. Employees — are a happy bunch: Turnover price is only 6% to 7% for employees of over a year, follow to Barron"s; it"s much more like 60% for retail overall, follow to the nationwide Retail Foundation.

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This might sound favor a lot, yet consider this: The median Walmart Supercenter generally carries around 120,000 products, follow to Slate.

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The 3-pound bird are fully cooked and also seasoned, and they market for just $5 — cheaper than at many supermarkets. Costco loser money by maintaining the price so low, however its all at once revenue has actually surged come its best year ever before right in addition to chicken sales, the company"s optimal executive, W. Craig Jelinek, claimed at a digital shareholder conference in January. 

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#8282 Costco warm dog with mustard, onions, and also relish through Nemo"s great uncle (CC BY-NC-SA)

151 Million: warm Dogs marketed Annually

Costco has actually kept the price the a hot dog and also soda at $1.50 due to the fact that the mid-1980s, which may be why it"s selling about 50 million more a year than five years ago. Jelinek claims his predecessor together CEO threatened to kill him if he elevated the price. 

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Costco shoppers are much wealthier 보다 the usual big-box-store customer. Family income for the typical Walmart shopper is between $50,000 and $60,000, according to some accountancy and $78,262 in others, contrasted with $88,596 for Target. However the shortest Costco averages get in estimates is $93,000.

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Costco"s lowest fairy jumped in March, though employee longevity means the average worker takes home $24 hourly, the company says. In comparison, Walmart"s states some workers still start at $13.

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A few years earlier it was well-known that one-fifth that the warehouse club"s stores room turned over to its personal Kirkland Signature label, but the products account for one-quarter of Costco sales as the 2019, organization Insider says. Among the peak sellers is restroom paper: Costco sells an ext than $400 million worth of that annually.

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Turnover means there are always new products because that members to browse, even if they walk in monthly, and also it"s up at Costco from the 12-time annual turnover of the past couple of years. The also method Costco doesn"t need to rely on its very own capital to finance inventory, The Motley silly points out.

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This dimension 7 platinum band easily accessible on in July functions a near-colorless 10-carat round diamond appraised at more 보다 $658,000, follow to the worldwide Gemological Institute.

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Speaking that rings, this is just how much a U.S. District court referee ruled Costco owed Tiffany & Co. Because that describing several of its rings making use of the Tiffany name. Costco has suggested it was using the hatchet generically, yet saw the early stage ruling rise from a $19.4 million pain come $25 million in 2019.

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Costco sold 689,000 cars — new and pre-owned — through its no-haggle auto-buying regimen last year, ranking it alongside the optimal dealership groups in the nation.

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Costco classifies specific products as "triggers" — the is, item members purchase repeatedly and also use every day, including document towels and light bulbs. They space positioned strategically roughly the keep in really hopes customers will certainly make impulse buys on the method to detect them.

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Televisions, significant appliances consisting of freezers and dishwashers, and the like get a minimal time to come ago if they don"t occupational out. For nearly everything else, Costco has one the the many generous return policies in the retail world: a full refund at any kind of time.

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In addition to health benefits, countless employees room eligible because that a 401(k) match, dependent care assistance, a counseling program, short- and long-term disability, life insurance, employee stock purchasing, and a health-care reimbursement account.

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While price varies significantly by location, gas is frequently 6 come 12 cent cheaper a gallon if members fill up at Costco stations, contrasted with competitors.

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By an altering the form of its Kirkland Signature cashew containers come square indigenous round some years back, the warehouse club might fit 432 jars ~ above a pallet, increase from 288.

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This plush show-stopper weighs 48.5 pounds, or around as much as an median 6-year-old boy. (And is sometimes out the stock, despite being a sort of consumer sensation.) because that shoppers that don"t have the an are for the extra-large version, Costco likewise sells a 53-inch bear and also a 25-inch bear.

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While the agency says that core organization model depends on getting shoppers within its bricks-and-mortar warehouses, that does offer online — and a predictable surge accelerated those digital sales throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Virtual sales flourished 50% in the fiscal year in i beg your pardon COVID required the civilization inside, contrasted with 8% the year before, Digital commerce 360 reports.

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