Another prominent Walgreens ar is closing increase shop. The critical day for the pharmacy"s outpost at 730 market St. (between approve Avenue and also Kearny Street) will certainly be Tuesday, march 3, the agency told yesterday.

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The store, which has actually operated because that 21 years, is the latest in astring of mountain Francisco Walgreens locations to close. 

In December, the firm closed another location in the Westfield san Francisco centre mall, simply a block away at 865 sector St.

That very same month, Walgreens additionally shuttered a influential outpost adjoining the BART plaza at 16th and also Mission streets, resulting in concern amongst low-income and disabled seniors who relied on it for prescriptions. The same involves were raised when Bayview shed its primary Walgreens last July, transferring prescriptions come a place over a mile away.

Company spokeswoman Alexandra Brown told via email that the closures are component of a “transformational cost managementprogram” the Walgreens is undergoing.

Last August, the agency announced plans to shutter 200 areas nationwide, v the score of cutting costs after its quarterly network income tumbled nearly 25 percent.

But it shows up that one more factor may also be in ~ play: tipster Al Andarin told that he spoke to an employee in ~ the 730 market store, who claimed the closure was due to shoplifting.

" stated that the keep couldn’t cope v the shoplifting, i m sorry she said was $1,000/day," that wrote.

Shoplifting was also a factor in the April 2019 closure the a CVS ar a few blocks away, at 995 sector St.

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Empty shelves at the Walgreens top top 730 industry St. | Photo: Albertino M./ Tipline

Brown said that prescriptions because that the 730 market St. Store will immediately transfer come 825 market St. (at fourth Street), the last continuing to be Walgreens on that stretch the Market. (An station at 776 industry St. Closeup of the door in 2016.)

A bulk of the employees will be transferred to the location, or to various other Walgreens stores, she said.

“The decision come close that was not easy,” Brown said. " given that this closures will represent less than three percent of our stores overall, and given the we have actually multiple places in countless markets, we anticipate minimal disruption to customers and also patients.”

“We will continue to it is in the strongcommunity supporter mountain Francisco has known united state to be.”

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