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1. Outline of the legislature Process 5:09
2. Advent and Referral the Bills 3:19
3. Committee Consideration 3:39
4. Calendars and also Scheduling 2:35
5. Residence Floor 3:53
6. Senate Floor 4:17
7. Executive business in the Senate 1:59
8. Addressing Differences 3:29
9. Presidential Actions 1:58

To consider a invoice on the floor, the Senate very first must agree to carry it increase – frequently by agreeing to a unanimous consent inquiry or by poll to adopt a movement to continue to the bill, as debated earlier. Only as soon as the Senate has actually agreed to consider a bill might Senators suggest amendments to it.

Perhaps the modern Senate’s specifying feature is the potential an obstacle of getting to a last vote ~ above a matter. Many questions the the Senate considers – from a activity to proceed to a bill, to each amendment, come the bill itself – are not subject to any kind of debate limit. Simply put, Senate rules administer no means for a basic numerical bulk to reduced off or otherwise impose a debate limit and move to a final vote. Together a result, Senators can efficiently wage (or threaten to wage) a filibuster – in effect, firmly insist on extended dispute in order to hold-up or protect against a last vote on many amendments, bills, or various other motions.

In addition, Senate rules provide couple of options come comprehensively limit the amendments proposed come a bill. Unequal the House, for example, under many circumstances amendments in the Senate require not be germane, and also amendments occasionally involve subject issue unrelated to the bill in question. This have the right to lead come a much an ext wide-ranging and also less predictable floor debate than generally occurs in the House.

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Senate rule XXII, often referred to as the cloture rule, does allow a supermajority to limit debate on a bill, amendment, or motion; in addition, in the instance of a bill, cloture boundaries the amendments that can be offered. Pendant of, because that instance, a bill under floor factor to consider can document a cloture motion, signed by at least 16 Senators. 2 days of conference later, Senators vote on the cloture motion. If three-fifths – commonly 60 Senators – agree, climate further factor to consider of the bill is minimal to 30 hours, throughout which just amendments from a pre-specified list of germane ones have the right to be offered. After ~ this final period of consideration, the Senate will take a final vote on the bill. This last vote requires only a simple bulk for approval. But due to the fact that a cloture process is often required to end conflict on a bill, climate the bill an initial must garner the support of a three-fifths supermajority. Every told, this procedure of getting to a last vote top top a bill deserve to require about a week of Senate floor time come complete.

Overall, these rules and also practices governing floor debate and amending in the Senate provide far-ranging leverage to each individual Senator. But rather than relying top top the formal rules like cloture, commonly the Senate can more effectively act utilizing unanimous consent agreements. Together an agreement is a structured plan for limiting debate and also amending – a setup that deserve to be tailored come each bill that pertains to the floor (somewhat akin come a special rule in the House). With the usage of these agreements, the details of which every Senators have actually agreed upon, the Senate can an ext effectively procedure its service while protecting the procedural rights of every of the members.

While countless votes are performed by voice, a tape-recorded vote is forced in some cases, and is often requested by Senators in others.

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Uneven the House, the Senate go not have an digital voting system; tape-recorded votes are performed through a speak to of the roll.

Diagram of the legislative branch Process

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