Are Donald Trump and Joe Biden the only candidates because that president? and also why space the voting solution in Maine and also Nebraska different to the remainder of the united States?

If you poll for someone that is not a Democrat or Republican, what wake up to her vote? Jan, Australia

Your vote will still count. Due to the fact that the focus of the 2020 united state presidential election project is on just two men, Donald Trump and also Joe Biden, it's really easy come forget that there are many other candidates.

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According come the federal Election Commission, a chuck 1,214 presidential hopefuls have actually filed records for this election.

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However the Libertarian Party's Jo Jorgensen to be on the ballot for every 50 states and the district of Columbia.

In 1968, a third-party candidate, George Wallace, garnered almost ten million votes, winning 5 states. In 1992, virtually 20 million world voted for Ross Perot, back he winner no states.

Maine and also Nebraska room the just two US states where the candidate with most votes does no take all of its electoral college votes.

Instead, they use what is dubbed the "congressional ar method". Every state's electoral college poll is equal to its variety of Senate seats - always two - add to its number of congressional districts.

The candidate with most votes in every congressional district takes one electoral university vote and then whoever wins the state-wide vote gains two more college votes.

Having briefly offered the split-vote method in the 1820s, Maine reintroduced that in 1969. This was because of pertains to that a candidate in a three-way presidential election, choose that that 1968, could take all the state's electoral university votes with tiny over a 3rd of the famous vote.

Nebraska has actually used the split-vote system because 1996, according to one commentator, "to lure presidential candidates come a state they usually ignore because it's so reliably conservative."

The number of electoral college members - well-known as electors - from every state is approximately in line v the size of the population. Every state has as countless electors as it has actually lawmakers in the us Congress (representatives in the House and senators).

California has the most electors - 55 - if some says with smaller populations like Wyoming, Alaska and North Dakota (and Washington DC) have the minimum that three. There room 538 electors in total.

Each elector represents one electoral vote, and also a candidate needs to obtain a bulk of the votes - 270 or more - to win the presidency.

Who room the members of the electoral college, exactly how are castle chosen and how long do they serve in the role? - coin Reid, Northumberland, UK

The members the the electoral college are usually nominated by the Republican and also Democratic parties for each election.

There are different rules because that nominating castle in every state, and they room officially selected on polling day.

The university members - well-known as electors - often have connections in the us political parties, like activists or former politicians.

Bill Clinton was a democratic elector in 2016, and also Donald Trump small was put forward by the Republicans.

Yes. Both projects have stated they're already preparing for legal problems following the election.

There's been a surge in postal vote this year, and it's also feasible that the validity of these ballots can be tested in court.

These lawsuits might make their means up to the united state Supreme Court - the ultimate legal government in the US.

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This taken place in 2000, once the supreme Court quit a recount in Florida and also ruled in favour of Republican George W Bush, who ended up being president.

What affect does the national vote have actually on the means the electoral college votes? - Caroline Bonwitt, Gloucestershire, UK

These electors fulfill a couple of weeks after ~ polling job - developing the electoral college - to vote to officially nominate the following president.