A record number of Americans turned out to poll in this year"s presidential race between President Donald Trump and also now President-Elect Joe Biden. Biden just won the presidency v over 74.4 million votes, and also many are still gift counted. The previous Vice president garnered much more votes than any type of presidential candidate in American history.

For both parties, voter turnout was record-breaking. Follow to Bloomberg, at the very least 161 million american voted in the 2020 election, the largest number of voters in a U.S. Presidential choice in history.

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Joe Biden will certainly be the next President of the joined States, winning against Donald Trump. The race had the greatest voter turnout in history.
While an ext people have voted 보다 at any type of other time in American history, percentage-wise, this number does not rather break records. Provided that approximately 239.2 million Americans to be eligible to poll in 2020, the projected number of voters brings united state to a 66.8% turnout rate. This provides 2020 the year through the highest voter turnout because 1900, when Republican william McKinley won reelection v 73.7% turnout.

The highest possible voter turnout in history was in 1876, once 82.6% of standard voters cast ballots in the race between Republican Rutherford Hayes and also Democrat Samuel Tilden. Hayes ultimately won the presidency in a close, challenged election.

These historic numbers have a caveat, however, provided that countless segments of the populace were disenfranchised indigenous the electoral process. For lot of American history, just white men could vote. When the 1876 election contained both white and also Black men, numbers can have to be even higher without the immense voter suppression of black color Americans, and women can not yet vote.


As for contemporary history, the 2020 numbers have surpassed those from current presidential elections. In the 2016 race in between former Secretary the State Hillary Clinton and then-candidate Donald Trump, the turnout price was 60.2%. As for chairman Barack Obama"s tenure, in 2008, when he ran versus Senator john McCain, turnout was at 62.2%. In 2012, versus Senator Mitt Romney, turnout was lower, in ~ 58.6%.

Some of this year"s high turnout might be attributed come the growth of accessibility to mail-in ballots and early voting, with countless states an altering their policies because of the coronavirus pandemic. An ext than 100 million ballots were cast during the beforehand voting period, a huge increase indigenous prior years.

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