hot cloud of volcanic materials run down the steep of mountain Merapi during an eruption in Sleman, ... <+> Indonesia, Friday, June 25, 2021.

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Indonesia"s most volatile volcano - mountain Merapi ~ above the island of Java - erupted this morning. Java is Indonesia"s most densely inhabited island and also hosts fifteen energetic volcanoes. Mount Merapi is the most energetic of much more than 120 energetic volcanoes in Indonesia.

The 2.968-meter (9,737-foot) high stratovolcano has actually seen raised volcanic activity in recent weeks, releasing feather of ash high right into the air and with a dome of solidified lava farming rapidly ~ above its summit. Sunday morning the lava dome partially collapsed, sending at least seven pyroclastic flows, a mixture of warm debris, lava and gases, 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) down its slopes. Ash from the eruption blanketed several villages and surrounding towns, however no casualties to be reported.

Mount Merapi is one of the sixteen "Decade Volcanoes", volcanoes that can produce large, potentially damaging eruptions in densely lived in regions. Merapi"s last major eruption in 2010 eliminated 347 people and also displaced 10,000, one of deadliest volcanic eruption in recent years.

Indonesia generally experiences earthquakes and volcanic eruptions since it lies near an intersection of moving tectonic plates, including the Pacific plate, Eurasian plate, Australian plate and also Philippine plate. As components of the colliding plates and seafloor space pushed into Earth"s mantle and partially melt, blobs of hot magma increase upwards and mix v water and gases released by subducted maritime sediments, causing highly-explosive volcano eruptions ~ above the surface.

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I"m a freelance geologist working largely in the east Alps. I i graduated in 2007 v a project studying exactly how permafrost, that´s frozen soil, is reaction to the more

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I"m a freelance geologist working mainly in the eastern Alps. I i graduated in 2007 v a task studying how permafrost, that´s frozen soil, is reaction to the an ext visible recent alters of the alpine environment. Studying because of this old maps, photographs and reports, I became interested in the history of geology and also how early on geologists determined how earth works, blogging around it in my spare time. Life in one of the classic areas of at an early stage geological research, I combine field trips through the historical maps, figures and research done there. However geology is much more than a historic or local science, as geological pressures shaped and still influence history worldwide.