Surely you have heard the saying, “too lot of a good thing can come to be a negative thing.” The same applies to vitamin supplements, as acquisition an overabundance of vitamins have the right to be harmful to her health. This might seem contradictory because vitamins are often urged to supplement nutrients that may be doing not have in our diets. Physicians or nutritionists may suggest vitamins as soon as it is shown that you have a nutrient deficiency and also highly recommend that the daily recommended doses are followed.

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The academy of medication has established guidelines such together the RDA (Recommended diet Allowance) and DV (Daily Value) to aid people know the daily said dose the vitamins.

Vitamin overdose occurs as soon as a human being ingests far much more than the everyday recommendation, for an extended duration of time. Back the body have the right to excrete excessive amounts of water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin C, it have the right to retain fat-soluble vitamin such together vitamin A, which can be toxic.

Here space a few vitamins that are proven come be toxicity if bring away in excess, and also their symptom of overdose:

Iron- Nausea, bloody stools, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, fluid accumulation in the lungs and fever.Vitamin A-Hair loss, liver damage, major headaches, bone pain, blurred vision, dried skin and also vomitingVitamin D- Abnormal heart rhythm, constipation, regular urination, muscle weakness and confusion.Vitamin E- Interferes v the body’s capacity to clot blood, which can be harmful because that those top top blood thinning medicationB Vitamins-B6 in overfill can cause nerve damage; when B3 can reason jaundice, elevated liver enzyme levels and also nausea.

If friend have decided to purchase vitamins, always follow the daily recommended sheep to avoid extreme intake. Before purchasing it is recommended that you above a physician or nutritionist to receive an assessment.

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promptly CONSULT YOUR physician OR speak to 911 IF YOU think YOU have A medical EMERGENCY.