One the disco’s most enduring legends, The village People, have actually been top top the music step for virtually 40 year now. Their hits encompass songs like “Macho Man”, “In the Navy” and also the universal bop recognized as “Y.M.C.A.”

If you haven't thought about the disco team in a while, we can't reference you. But perhaps you're wondering even if it is The town People are even still alive. If so, you've come to the appropriate place.

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Today, the group only has one of it’s original members, Victor Willis (the Policeman), however he’s fronting a whole brand-new revival with The village People. In fact, the band has actually been putting out new music as freshly as December 2019, when they exit the groups very first Christmas single, “Happiest Time of the Year.” The song also hit #20 on the Billboard Adult modern-day charts, making it the band’s first Top 20 struggle in 40 years.


But if Willis is the just original member steering the band right into a brand-new decade, what occurred to the rest of The town People: the indigenous American, the G.I./Sailor, the animal leather Daddy, the building worker, and the Cowboy, that were all around during the group’s height in 1979? 

Keep analysis to find out!

We already touched ~ above Victor’s whereabouts today, but earlier in the day Victor was the very first member that the band. He to be hired by a French composer/producer called Jacques Morali to sing on an album he'd created. ~ the album came to be an international success, Jacques decided to hire a bunch that dancers to back up Victor ~ above live performances. And so, The town People were born!

Probably the character that would fly the least if The town People had been a band developed in the 2010s instead of the 1970s, Felipe Rose's "Native American" (then referred to as "The Indian") was among the first recruits picked to backup Victor Willis. Felipe, who was uncovered at a new York happy bar called Anvil, claims to have actually actual aboriginal American ancestry, but we’ve to be unable to verify this claim. 


Outside of his occupational with The village People, Felipe has also had a solo career and also his single “Trails the Tears” was nominated because that 3 NAMMY awards (Native American Music Awards). He’s also appeared in movies choose Rose Can’t stop the Music (1980), The best of town People (1993), and Feathers and Leathers: The Story the the village People (1999).

Alex was hand-picked through Victor as a backup for his live shows. In ~ first, Alex’s character was an athlete and also his performance outfit was simply jeans and also a t-shirt. However, he soon readjusted over come the known and also beloved G.I./Sailor character. Born and raised in Harlem, brand-new York, Alex represented the different branches of the united States armed Forces and the civilization that offer in them.

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A quite dark and also sad fact around Alex is that his late brother Jonathan is believed to it is in “The falling Man,” the figure in the iconic picture from 9/11 that confirmed a male falling native the people Trade center during the attacks.