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The group in Cleveland the town hall the debate. Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Fox News"s very first Republican debate Thursday special the top 10 candidates average 24 million viewers while it was airing, according to Nielsen ratings estimates.

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People space really, yes, really interested in Donald Trump

These wild, historic numbers make it clearer than ever before that the general public can"t get enough of Donald Trump"s presidential bid. It"s very difficult to imagine anywhere near this lot of people tuning in so early if the controversial celebrity billionaire wasn"t in the race. He"s basically turned the project into a fact show, where Americans can"t wait to check out what will happen next.

Unexpectedly, the Republican Party"s initiative to cut down the variety of debates native the 20 in the 2012 cycle might have finished up making lock even more of a media circus. In recent cycles for both parties, the arguments have to be important, but the sheer number make them repetitive. They to be a marathon, an endurance contest, the sometimes provided short-term boosts to new candidates however ended up help the many qualified and disciplined contenders in the long run.

Now there room fewer events, however the stakes space far higher for the people that carry out exist. Neither of the 2 men generally thought to it is in the top GOP contenders — Jeb shrub and Scott pedestrian — walk well, and they won"t have another opportunity because that a month. There to be also tiny discussion of policy substance — likely because Fox News has far fewer avenues to placed the candidates ~ above the spot in debates, so there"s included pressure to create the "best TV" they deserve to with the ones they have actually (which regularly entails much more gotcha questions, or queries around electability or controversies quite than policy).

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We"ll have to wait for the polls to come in to see whether trump card hurt self or assisted himself on Thursday. Yet one thing is an extremely clear — he made his case to a substantial audience.

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