The 63rd Grammy Awards score 8.8 million viewers Sunday ~ above CBS, the the smallest audience on record for the annual telecast, proceeding the ratings tailspin because that TV trophy shows.

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While the number from Nielsen is 53% listed below the 18.7 million viewers that watched a year ago, the line fared far better than NBC’s line of the 78th gold Globes, which drew a document low 6.9 million viewers because that NBC top top Feb. 28, a 63% decline from 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the show from that usual day in late January or beforehand February and safety protocols impede the ceremony from being organized in front of a big live audience. Such constraints have actually been a aspect in the far-reaching declines in audience television awards shows have actually seen over the last year, together both the golden Globes and the Emmy Awards reduce to historic lows.

The previous short for a Grammy Awards telecast was 17 million viewers in 2006.

Producers the the Grammy telecast do the ideal of the situation with a presentation that was largely praised by critics and also fans on society media.


With organize Trevor Noah at the helm, Sunday’s management proved less is more as the COVID-19 pandemic required a shakeup — and breathed new life right into the form.

The set resembled the long-running BBC 2 music show “Later...With Jools Holland,” where miscellaneous acts appear on a single stage, developing a club-like setting for the performers that played live.

Grammy-nominated artists were assembled in a socially-distanced banquet setup on a veranda external the Los Angeles Convention Center. “The everyday Show” hold Trevor Noah served as emcee.

The program’s executive producer Ben Winston called The Times critical week that he totally expected an audience decrease of 30% come 60% native a year earlier no matter many accolades the show received.

The night celebrate the last year in the music industry had honors for Beyoncé, that won four awards, including for best R&B performance for “Black Parade.” v 28 career wins, Beyoncé broke the document for many Grammys for a female record artist.


Taylor Swift winner album the the year for “Folklore,” while billy Eilish earned document of the year because that “Everything i Wanted.”

CBS uses the Grammy Awards come subscribers of its streaming organization Paramount +. The network does not release the data, yet said in a statement that streaming the the Grammy Awards was up 83% end last year.

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