Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes, left, and also Tyrann Mathieu storage after defeating the mountain Francisco 49ers in the NFL Super bowl 54 football video game Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020, in Miami Gardens, Fla. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)AP



How many people watched the super Bowl?

Variety reports 102 million complete viewers tuned in because that Super key LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and also the mountain Francisco 49ers top top Fox and also all the platforms. The game attracted an mean of 99.9 million TV viewers and also a 41.7 family members rating, according to Nielsen, plus world watching on Fox Deportes and streaming top top Fox, NFL and Verizon.

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That’s a slight increase from critical year once the brand-new England Patriots winner a low-scoring Super key over the Los Angeles Rams. CBS average 98.2 million viewers and also the game drew 100.7 million total viewers, the shortest in a decade.

By comparison, this year’s NFL championship to be close throughout the game, v the Chiefs making a 4th quarter comeback to victory 31-20.

The 2018 at sight Bowl between the Patriots and also the Philadelphia Eagles, meanwhile, attracted 103.4 million complete viewers top top NBC and also all platforms.

According come The Hollywood Reporter, viewership was likewise high because that Fox’s “The masked Singer” after ~ the Super key post-game coverage. Season 3 of the reality present premiered come 23.7 million viewers and also an 8.1 rating amongst adults 18-49 Sunday night. That a brand-new high for the show, which features celebrities singing in costumes and viewers trying to guess who behind each mask; 11.5 million watched the an initial season finale and 8.4 million watched the season 2 finale.

This year’s Super Bowl also featured a lively halftime present by Jennifer Lopez and also Shakira, add to the nationwide anthem carry out by Demi Lovato.

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