Starbucks equipped Forces Network, a private team within the firm of Starbucks, exit a declare yesterday asking that those calling for Starbucks to rental 10,000 veterans instead of refugees check their facts.

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Recently, Starbucks come under fire for announcing the they would certainly hire 10,000 refugees. The general reaction was anger and calls for boycotts that Starbucks until they vowed to additionally hire 10,000 veterans.

Devin Craig (second from right), a ar manager because that Starbucks Coffee Company, Wash., and also his team talk to Soldiers and also Veterans during the Boots 2 Work military Career Fair in ~ Cheney Stadium, Tacoma, Wash., Aug. 27. The career fair offered Soldiers the chance to meet with local businesses and also learn job hunting skills. (U.S. Military photo through Sgt. Cody Quinn, 28th windy Affairs Detachment/Released)

The problem with that? Starbucks vowed to rental 10,000 veterans in 5 years method back in 2013. And also they’re front of schedule.

One the the many internal teams at the coffee giant, Starbucks equipped Forces Network, penned a keep in mind to your customers to define why the anger at the refugee regime was misdirected.

The note, merely signed by The Men and also Women that Starbucks equipped Forces Network (AFN), began, “We write to you now as representatives of the thousands of veterans and also spouses who at this time work for Starbucks Coffee Company.”

The writers went on to express your gratitude to their customers and then they relocated right right into addressing the refugee and also veteran initiatives.

“The false and inaccurate statements deep troubling to those of united state who’ve served,” the group wrote.

The statement defined how the CEO and also his wife, Howard and Sheri Schultz, had visited army installations about the nation to learn more about how they could advocate better for veterans and also military spouses after ~ announcing the veteran rental initiative in November 2013. The couple invested your own an individual funds right into “plans because that transitioning business members,” according to the group.

“We respect honest debate and also freedom that expression,” the declare read. “But to those who would suggest Starbucks is no committed to rental veterans, we are below to say: examine your facts. Starbucks is already there.”

The 5 year initiative has actually only used around 60 percent the its time, but has met 88 percent the its goal. This means that, if they continue at this rate, Starbucks will surpass their initial score of rental 10,000 veterans by 2018 by 4,600 veterans.

Starbucks operates 32 Military household Stores near several significant installations. Owned by veterans, military spouses, or family members, the stores participate in “Military Mondays.” Weekly, Starbucks partners with regional Veteran company Organizations come provide space for the organizations to sell pro-bono legitimate support and other solutions to the military community.

The company also offers Military business Pay to employee who need to report for nationwide Guard or to make reservation assignments. Default partners deserve to receive as much as 80 hours of paid time to meet their reserve service obligations yearly.

Starbucks provides a armed forces Allowance come eligible employees that are called to active duty, as well.

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Starbucks has actually made a surname for themselves together a veteran familiar company, also being vested Gold standing by G.I. Work in this year’s yearly “Military Friendly” list.