The president routinely visits his an individual properties and golf process in Virginia, Florida, and new Jersey.

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President Donald Trump frequently uses his luxury properties for government business and leisure, prompting ethics involves over a president appearing to promote his exclusive enterprise at public cost.

The NBC News digital politics team and the White home unit space tracking Trump"s visits to his properties and also golf courses because his inauguration.

Where does Trump go?

Trump"s trips have actually mainly been focused in Palm Beach, Florida, wherein he access time his Mar-a-Lago club and golf course, Trump international Golf Club. He"s spent "working vacations" at his Bedminster, brand-new Jersey, golf club, and as well together a grasp of days at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

He additionally frequents his golf course in Sterling, Virginia, close to Washington, and his luxury hotel, trump card International, simply blocks from the White house — and sometimes will certainly visit multiple nature on the exact same day. On a July 2018 pilgrimage to the U.K., the president checked out his trumped Turnberry golf home in Scotland.

How countless times has actually Trump unable to do golfing together president?

Trump saw his golf clubs an ext than 150 time in his an initial official year in office, and at least 77 time in his second year in office.

However, the precise number of times Trump has actually actually play golf is difficult to track. His management has tried to hide Trump"s activity, keeping his traveling push pool away and also often refusing to check whether he has actually played golf. Instead, society media has become a resource of crowd-sourced reporting into the president"s whereabouts.

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During his 2016 campaign, Trump suggested that Americans need to vote because that him due to the fact that he would rarely leave Washington. That promised that he wouldn"t go golfing or take it vacations because there to be too much work to do.


And before his run for president, Trump invested years attacking president Barack Obama for golfing and also taking vacations while in office.

Can you think that,with all of the problems and also difficulties dealing with the U.S., president Obama spent the day playing golf.Worse than Carter

— Donald J. Trumped (

When does Trump visit his properties?

With the exemption of expanded stays at his golf resort in Bedminster, Trump generally frequents his nature on weekends. Trump has actually referred come his Mar-a-Lago society in Palm Beach, Florida, together the "Southern White House" — and that"s wherein he"s hosted foreign leaders choose President Xi Jinping that China and directed the start of a strike against a Syrian airbase.

How lot does Trump"s travel cost?

The president"s trips can expense taxpayers millions of dollars because of the use of Air pressure One and the prices of the mystery Service, the air Force, neighborhood sheriff"s departments, the shore Guard and other agencies. However, a an accurate accounting can"t be made since the expenses aren"t compelled to be disclosed.

In February 2019, a government Accountability Office (GAO) report claimed that federal agencies incurred expenses of around $13.6 million because that the president"s 4 trips to Mar-a-Lago from February 3 v March 5, 2017.

Presidents various other than trump card incurred comparable questions about travel costs. Lot of what is known around Obama"s travel costs was acquired by the conservative watchdog team Judicial Watch, i beg your pardon aggressively search receipts through liberty of info Act requests. In October 2016, the GAO issued its own report breaking the end the expenses of one details trip take away by Obama, finding that a trip to Chicago and Florida price $3.6 million.

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This tracker instantly counts Trump"s days in office. When Trump arrives at one of his properties, the tracker updates accordingly.