Claim: Trump sent out the Obamas a invoice for your vacations.

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Everyone could use a vacation right about now. But one viral article on society media cases that the Obama household won’t be taking one any time soon, many thanks to chairman Donald Trump.

The Facebook write-up proclaims the the “OBAMA vacation SCAM IS OVER,” after Trump accused sent previous President Barack Obama a bill for all the vacations he"s taken since leaving office and also stopped Obama from acquisition “taxpayer-paid vacations” that Obama supposedly planned for self for the next 20 years.

The write-up alleges Obama plan to use $2.1 billion in taxpayer funds, taken indigenous the “Office of Presidential Visits and Vacations,” to provide himself and also up come 24 household guests — consisting of a dog sitter — through “free vacations” till 2036.

Trump — who is “always searching for ways to conserve money,” according to the article — reportedly found Obama’s alleged plans and canceled castle all. Then, the supposedly sent the Obamas a $214 million invoice for vacations the weren’t official state business. The short article further insurance claims Obama invested 692 work of his eight years in office on vacation.

The post’s creator did no respond come USA TODAY’s request for comment and clarification.

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None of the happened

There’s for sure no fact to the on facebook post.

Most cases it renders originated from a satire article published in 2017 by “The Resistance: The Last heat of Defense.” The website is recognized for creating and also perpetuating fake news.

“The Resistance may incorporate information from sources that may or might not it is in reliable and also facts the don’t have to exist,” the website’s disclaimer reads. “All posts should be taken into consideration satirical and any and also all estimates attributed to actual human being complete and total baloney.”

Some aspects of the on facebook post, prefer the detail around Trump’s money-saving behavior or the arrival of the completely fake “Office that Presidential Visits and Vacations,” are replicated word because that word from the satire post.

The post does not credit the satire site.

Right-leaning federal government watchdog righteousness Watch established the Obama family members spent around $114.7 million on travel, because that both vacation and campaigning purposes, together of Nov. 27, 2017. About $1.9 million the that figure took ar after the left office on Jan. 20, 2017.

For protection reasons, the president, vice chairman and very first lady use armed forces aircraft as soon as they travel, according to a conference Research business report. Once a trip is for official federal government business, the government pays all costs. As soon as it’s for political or unofficial functions — like vacation — travelers pay because that their own food and lodging and also reimburse the federal government for the price they would’ve paid to fly commercially, the report says.

Presidential vacations room common

Unofficial presidential take trip is common, yet Obama’s holidays time was on the low end of the spectrum.

A 2017 story ~ above digs into presidential vacation time. 

Obama take it 29 holidays trips, totaling 235 complete days, and also 39 trips to Camp David, totaling 93 days, according to former CBS News’ White house reporter note Knoller, that has tallied vacation statistics on the presidents he is covered. He has vacations add to "weekend days that presidents room away native Washington," the story states.

So Obama took 328 vacation days end eight years. 

Citing Knoller"s data, the story says:

George W. Shrub took over 3 times that number, totaling 1,020 vacation days transparent his eight year in office;Bill Clinton take it 345 days turn off in eight years;George H.W. Shrub took turn off 543 work in four years.

As the Dec. 30, 2019, Trump had actually spent nearly one third of the work he’d to be president at a Trump-branded property, according to a Washington write-up analysis. That’s 331 visits as of that date, excluding visits to non-Trump-branded locations.

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Our rating: False

We rate the insurance claim that trump brought claimed vacation scam by the Obamas as FALSE due to the fact that it to be not supported by ours research. The claim originated indigenous a satire website and the numbers used in the short article to define Obama’s holidays days do not reflect reality.