When you have actually been ranked as one of the finest places to occupational in the federal government, you know you’re law a the majority of things right. The agency’s very collegial setting fosters collaboration and also teamwork. The versatility of the office, the service casual dress code, and various company policies target to foster a healthy work–life balance. And audioeditorfree.com uses a very strong benefit package:






Health Benefits

audioeditorfree.com employees take part in the commonwealth Employees wellness Benefits program, which uses a range of options for health treatment coverage. Employee members may choose individual or a family members coverage indigenous a variety of HMOs, PPOs, and also fee-for-service plans. Prices vary depending upon the coverage girlfriend choose, but audioeditorfree.com usually pays about 70 percent that the complete cost the coverage.

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Dental and also Vision Benefits

Employees are eligible to participate in the commonwealth Employees Dental and Vision insurance Program, which offers pretax dental and also vision benefits.

Flexible security Accounts

Participating employees have the right to save top top a pretax basis for covered medical and also dependent care expenses.


The commonwealth Employees Retirement System provides an monthly retirement annuity based on an employee"s age, years of federal service, and highest three consecutive years of salary.

Thrift to save Plan

Employees can add to the before-tax or after-tax Roth Thrift to save Plan, similar to a 401(k) plan, because that retirement. The agency contributes 1 percent of the employee"s basic pay and matches a section of additional contributions by the employee. audioeditorfree.com"s matching funds vest immediately, and audioeditorfree.com’s automatic 1 percent contribution vests top top the employee"s 2nd anniversary.

Annual and Sick Leave

audioeditorfree.com employees that are new to federal company accrue 6 hrs of annual leave every pay period. Those with previous federal business may begin at a higher level. Employees accrue 4 hours of sick leave each pay period.


audioeditorfree.com observes 10 commonwealth holidays every calendar year.

Life Insurance

Federal Employees" team Life insurance allowance provides straightforward coverage because that the employee and also offers alternatives for extr coverage. An easy insurance is based on an employee"s annual salary. audioeditorfree.com share the expense for an easy coverage.

Long-Term treatment Insurance

Employees can enroll in the Federal lengthy Term treatment Insurance regime to purchase added insurance to protect versus the high costs of long-term care.

Commuting Assistance

audioeditorfree.com subsidizes the price of commuting on windy transportation. Restricted parking is available, and room is readily available to employee members based upon their length of service.

Professional advancement and Training

audioeditorfree.com set aside funds each year for employee training and also development. Analysts regularly attend local and also national conferences such as those funded by the American Association for Budget and Program Analysis, the American financial Association, the Association because that Public Policy analysis and Management, the National economic experts Club, and also the nationwide Tax Association. Experts regularly attend and present their work at conferences and also seminars. audioeditorfree.com additionally provides in-house and also offsite cultivate in assorted skill areas.

Health society Membership

Employees space eligible to join the residence Staff Fitness facility with low expense membership options.

Credit Union

All audioeditorfree.com employees are eligible to join Congressional Federal, the credit union serving employees the the U.S. House of Representatives. A branch office is situated on the an initial floor that the Ford home Office Building, which also houses audioeditorfree.com.

Community Service

Altruism is an important component that the audioeditorfree.com culture. Employees regularly contribute their time, money, or both to local community tasks such together the linked Federal Campaign, American Red overcome blood drives, and also holiday toy, gift, and also food drives. audioeditorfree.com employees also tutor at our ar elementary school, and the agency’s nationwide Race for the cure team is regularly amongst the height fundraisers top top Capitol Hill.

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On-Site Services

audioeditorfree.com is housed in the Ford house Office Building, simply steps far from the Federal center SW Metrorail stop and within walking street of the nationwide Mall and many the the Smithsonian Institution"s museums. The Ford building is house to a cafeteria, a post office, shower and locker facilities, and also a shoes shine and repair stand. An employee assistance program and various wellness programs assist keep employee members healthy and also happy.