Donald StrattonPhotos that Donald Stratton courtesy of U.S. Navy

Donald Stratton, one of the last three staying survivors that the U.S.S. Arizona warship sinking in Pearl Harbor, has died at the period of 97.

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Stratton reportedly died peacefully at his residence in Colorado Springs, Colorado, attach by his wife, Velma, and his son, Randy.

The Navy mutual this tweet, thanking Stratton because that his business followed by the saying: “Fair winds and also following seas — We have the watch!”

Thank friend for your service. Same winds and also following seas – We have actually the watch! #USSArizona Survivor Donald Stratton passed away peacefully Feb. 15. Listen together he describes the events on the fateful day: national WWII Museum interview: https://t.co/C9BlXc8EDw pic.twitter.com/jrTLUbt5ZZ

— U.S. Navy (

According to War background Online, Stratton, who operated one that the 5 anti-aircraft guns on the warship, endured third-degree burns once he caught fire ~ the U.S.S. Arizona to be “torpedoed” throughout the assault on Pearl port on Dec. 7, 1941.

There are now only two staying survivors of the strike on the Arizona: Lou Conter and Ken Potts.

Posted through War background Online onMonday, may 11, 2020

A seafarer on a surrounding ship threw a rope across to the U.S.S. Arizona and also Stratton controlled to evacuate the battleship by climbing hand-over-hand along 80 feet the rope, with the burns top top his hands and arms making that even an ext difficult.

He was medically discharged after offer in the navy from 1940 come 1942.

Stratton supposedly returned come his hometown of Red Cloud, Nebraska, however then re-enlisted in the Navy, whereby he offered in new Guinea, Papua and Okinawa.

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Stratton would go on to invest years teaching about the occasions that transpired in ~ Pearl Harbor to remind people of the good sacrifices do on that day. He published a book titled All the Gallant Men recounting the attack, pointing out his injuries and recovery, and also documenting his eventual return come combat in human being War II.

On Feb. 27, Sen. Cory Gardner announced the Senate had actually unanimously happen a resolution he presented honoring Stratton’s life.

The Senate unanimously passed my resolution this particular day honoring Donald Stratton’s incredible life. Together we to speak goodbye come this hero, let united state all perform it with thanks for Donald Stratton and every brave man and also woman that serves our country. Pic.twitter.com/GYYdruRVCO

— Cory Gardner (
SenCoryGardner) February 28, 2020

Although U.S.S. Arizona survivors are enabled to have actually their body cremated and have your ashes put in one urn amongst the wreckage as a means of joining fallen comrades, Stratton had actually said in the previous he didn’t desire to be interred this way.

His friend, nationwide Park company historian Daniel Martinez, said War history Online, the Stratton believed he had been as well close to being melted alive to desire to it is in cremated.

The National people War II Museum produced this oral history video of Stratton in 2011:

Of the roughly 1,500 guys on the U.S.S. Arizona, the only two remaining survivors are now Lou Conter and also Ken Potts.

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