This year, Telegram has seen a boom in popularity. In case you i can not use heard that Telegram, the a messaging app like WhatsApp or facebook Messenger.

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Generally speaking, Telegram has come to be a favorite since it’s totally free and has actually an airtight privacy policy. Many consider the app revolutionary due to the fact that it’s 100% concentrated on the user: not only does Telegram have encrypted calls and messages, yet it doesn’t run ads and also is committed to staying totally free forever.

In fact, previously this year, numerous WhatsApp customers flocked come Telegram to take advantage of its solid privacy measures. Individuals were fed up through WhatsApp since of alters to that privacy policy that affiliated data sharing v Facebook.

For this reasons, Telegram observed a 100 million user boom this year and also is poised to become even an ext popular as users gain frustrated v competitors.


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Final Takeaway

At this rate, Telegram will continue to climb as a messenger app. V its commitment to privacy and user experience, that no wonder users room keen on convert to Telegram.

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As Telegram keeps growing, we’ll obtain even much more amazing statistics about this messenger app. We’ll save an eye ~ above it!

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