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President Joe Biden declared that the U.S. Does no "have military in Syria" throughout an interview v ABC News transfer on Thursday morning.

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The Claim

In an interview about the chaotic U.S. Tap the money from Afghanistan with George Stephanopoulos, Biden argued that the hazard of terror was better from Syria than Afghanistan. The went on to say the the U.S. Go not have a military presence in the middle Eastern country, despite that threat.

"Al-Qaeda, ISIS, lock metastasize. There"s a considerably greater danger to the United says from Syria. There"s a considerably greater hazard from east Africa. There"s far-ranging greater threat to other areas in the world than that is native the mountains of Afghanistan," Biden said in the interview.

"And we have actually maintained the capability to have an over-the-horizon capacity to take them out.... We don"t have actually military in Syria come make sure that we"re gonna it is in protected," the president said.


President Joe Biden stated Thursday that the threat of terror was higher from Syria 보다 Afghanistan. Above, a U.S. Soldier stands near a Bradley Fighting auto during a patrol close to the Rumaylan oil wells in Syria"s northeastern Hasakeh district on June 22.DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP via Getty Images)The Facts

Politico and CNN report in July that the U.S. Continues to maintain about 900 troops in Syria. These forces are there to assistance the Syrian democratic Forces together they continue to battle the Islamic State militant group, or ISIS. The SDF are likewise opposed to the federal government of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

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"Afghanistan, Iraq and also Syria room three completely separate issues and also should not be conflated," a senior Biden administration official recently told "On Syria, we carry out not anticipate any type of changes right currently to the mission or the footprint."

Politico reported that the environment-friendly Berets—the Army"s special forces unit—are among those stationed in Syria. The report quoted a Biden administration official together saying the the troops were expected to stay in the center Eastern country for the foreseeable future. The U.S. First intervened in Syria in 2014 throughout the Obama administration, once Biden served as angry president.

U.S. Troops based in eastern Syria came under assault earlier this summer, back no casualties were reported. A July 7 drone strike targeted U.S. Pressures based in ~ the Al-Omar oilfield.

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The troops room reportedly collection to remain in Syria indefinitely, even as the Biden administration withdraws all pressures from Afghanistan and works to attract down pressures in Iraq. Biden has said that he aims to finish "forever wars," to express an intent to carry home U.S. Forces engaged in disputes with no clear missions or end dates.

In 2019, former President Donald Trump moved to draw down U.S. Pressures in Syria, proclaiming victory against ISIS. However, he chose to preserve the pressure of several hundred troops in the country. Throughout a January 2020 rally, Trump claimed this decision was made "because I maintained the oil."