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president George W. Shrub speaks come soldiers indigenous the 10th Mountain department at ft Drum. Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis via Getty photos

The U.S. Started bombing Afghanistan a couple of weeks later. The Taliban surrendered in Kandahar ~ above Dec. 9, 2001. The U.S. Began to hit them again in earnest in march 2002. In April 2002, President shrub promised to aid bring “true peace” to Afghanistan: “Peace will certainly be completed by helping Afghanistan develop its own stable government. Tranquility will be accomplished by helping Afghanistan train and also develop the own national army. And also peace will certainly be accomplished through an education system because that boys and girls which works.”

The worldwide war on terror was not confined come operations in Iraq and also Afghanistan. The U.S. Now has actually counterterrorism to work in 85 countries.

The human being cost

Most Afghans alive this particular day were not born when the U.S. War began. The median period in Afghanistan is simply 18.4 year old. Consisting of their country’s war with the Soviet Union from 1979 to 1989 and civil battle in the 1990s, most Afghans have lived under nearly constant war.

There are, follow to the U.S. Bureau of job Statistics, 980,000 U.S. Afghanistan war veterans. Of this men and also women, 507,000 served in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

As that mid-August 2021, 20,722 members that the U.S. Military had actually been hurt in activity in Afghanistan, not including the 18 who were hurt in the attack by ISIS-K exterior the airplane in Kabul on Aug. 26, 2021.

Of the veterans that were injured and lost a body in the post-9/11 wars, plenty of lost much more than one. According to Dr. Paul Pasquina the the Uniformed solutions University that the health and wellness Sciences, of this veterans, “About 40% to 60% additionally sustained a mind injury. Since of several of the lessons learned and also the innovations that have taken place on the battlefield … us were taking care of service members who in previous disputes would have actually died.”

In fact, because of advances in trauma care, much more than 90% of every soldiers in Afghanistan and also Iraq who were hurt in the ar survived. Numerous of the seriously injured endured wounds that in the past might have eliminated them.

In all, 2,455 U.S. Business members were killed in the Afghanistan War. The figure contains 13 U.S. Troops who were eliminated by ISIS-K in the Kabul airport assault on Aug. 26, 2021.


A funeral for one of 2,455 U.S. Troops who passed away in Afghanistan. Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty pictures

U.S. Deaths in procedure Enduring Freedom likewise include 130 business members who passed away in other areas besides Afghanistan, consisting of Guantanamo just in Cuba, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Philippines, Seychelles, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Yemen.

The U.S. Has paid US$100,000 in a “death gratuity” to the survivors of each of the company members eliminated in the Afghanistan war, totaling $245.5 million.

More than 46,000 civilians have been killed by every sides in the Afghanistan conflict. These space the straight deaths native bombs, bullets, blasts and also fire. Thousands more have been injured, according to the joined Nations assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

And if the number of Afghans leave the country has boosted in recent weeks, much more than 2.2 million displaced Afghans to be living in Iran and Pakistan in ~ the finish of 2020. The United nations Refugee firm reported in late August 2021 that because the begin of that year, more than 558,000 world have to be internally displaced, having fled their dwellings to escape violence.

According to the unified Nations, in 2021 around a third of human being remaining in Afghanistan are malnourished. About half of all youngsters under 5 years old experience malnutrition.

The human toll also includes the hundreds of Pakistani civilians who were eliminated in more 보다 400 U.S. Drone strikes since 2004. Those strikes happened as the U.S. Sought to kill Taliban and al-Qaida leaders that fled and also sheltered there in so late 2001 after the U.S. Intrusion of Afghanistan. Pakistani civilians have also been eliminated in crossfire throughout fighting in between militants and also the Pakistani military.

The financial cost

In terms of the commonwealth budget, Congress has actually allocated a little bit over $1 trillion to the room of Defense because that the Afghanistan War. However all told, the Afghanistan battle has expense much much more than that. Including the room of Defense spending, much more than $2.3 trillion has actually been spent so far, including increases come the Pentagon’s base military spending plan due come the fighting, State room spending to reconstruct and democratize Afghanistan and train that is military, attention on borrowing to pay because that the war, and spending for veterans in the Veteran affairs system.

The full costs so much for every post-9/11 war veterans’ disability and medical treatment costs are around $465 billion v fiscal 2022. And also this doesn’t include the future expenses of all the post-9/11 veterans’ medical and disability care, i m sorry Harvard college scholar Linda Bilmes estimates will likely add around $2 trillion to the overall cost of treatment for veterans the the Iraq and also Afghanistan wars in between now and also 2050.

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The battle in Afghanistan, like countless other wars before it, started with positive assessments the a quick victory and also the promise to rebuild at war’s end. In spite of Bush’s warning of a prolonged campaign, couple of thought then the would mean decades. But twenty years later, the U.S is tho counting the costs.

Editor’s note: This short article was updated on Sept. 1, 2021 to exactly the total death gratuity payment to survivors of company members killed in the Afghanistan war to $245.5 million.