Following are statistics compiled by UN Watch concerning the UN’s treatment of Israel.

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U.N. Proportionality


UN Human legal rights Council: From its creation in June 2006 through June 2016, the UN human Rights Council end one decade adopted 135 resolutions criticizing countries; 68 out of those 135 resolutions have actually been versus Israel (more than 50%). Details below.

UN Nations general Assembly: indigenous 2012 with 2015, the unified Nations basic Assembly has adopted 97 resolutions criticizing countries; 83 the end of those 97 have been versus Israel (86%). Details below.


UN basic AssemblyBelow are statistics concerning the UN general Assembly’s treatment of Israel. Click the links for an ext detail.

From 2012 v 2015, the united Nations general Assembly has adopted a total of 97 resolutions criticizing countries; 83 the end of those 97 have actually been versus Israel (86%) .UN person Rights CouncilThe UN human being Rights the supervisory board (HRC), made up of 47 UN member states, holds 3 sessions a year, in March, June and also September. Below are statistics for its very first 10 years because its establishment, from June 2006 come June 2016, on the HRC’s treatment of Israel. Click on the web links for detail.

In 2011, in ~ the 16th, 17th and also 18th sessions the the HRC, 6 out of 15 condemnatory country-specific resolutions (or 40%) exclusively targeted Israel.In 2010, in ~ the 13th, 14th and also 15th sessions that the HRC, 8 out of 11 condemnatory country-specific resolutions (or 73%) solely targeted Israel.In its third year, indigenous June 2008 to Dec 2009, 8 the end of 14 condemnatory country-specific resolutions (or 57%) solely targeted Israel.

From its creation in June 2006 v June 2016, the UNHRC over one decade adopted 135 resolutions criticizing countries; 68 the end of those 135 have actually been against Israel (more than 50%).MethodologyUN clock examined all resolutions the condemned or criticize a details country, expressly or through implication. Resolutions that consisted of praise for the country concerned, or which were adopted under the non-condemnatory rubric that “technical cooperation,” did not qualify.

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CNN’s Jake Tapper ~ above UN clock statistics:

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Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador Faisal bin Hassan Trad (left) was selected in 2015 to become Chair the the UN person Rights Council panel on picking UN civil liberties experts. Mr. Michael Møller (right) is the acting Director-General of the United nations Office in ~ Geneva. Photograph by Pierre Albouy.