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Hunt and also KillU-505 and the U-boat battle in the AtlanticSavas, Theodore

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U-boats sunk by ally submarines

Germans lost many U-boats come the allied submarine forces during 1939-1945. Several of those were shed with every hands. British submarines were the busiest with 13 kills. 4 U-boats were sunk in the Far east while they served as a part of the Monsun boats there and 5 much more were sunk in the Mediterranean sea.

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The war at sea was just 3 month old once Germany lost its an initial U-boat come the british submarine arm as soon as HMS Salmon sank the U-36 exterior Kristiansund in Norway.

The U-boats would be shed at a steady rate the entire war through the critical one, U-183, gift sunk by the USS Besugo ~ above April 23, 1945, only 2 weeks prior to the German surrender.

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25 Aug 1944U-18Kptlt. Knife FleigeIIB025 Aug 1944U-24Oblt. (R) Dieter LenzmannIIB04 Dec 1939U-36 *KrvKpt. Wilhelm FröhlichVIIA4020 Aug 1940U-51 *Kptlt. Dietrich KnorrVIIB4325 Feb 1940U-63Kptlt. Günther LorentzIIC128 Nov 1941U-95KrvKpt. Gerd SchreiberVIIC3510 Aug 1941U-144 *Gert von MittelstaedtIID2823 Apr 1945U-183Kptlt. Fritz SchneewindIXC/405421 january 1943U-301Kptlt. Willy-Roderich KörnerVIIC4521 may 1943U-303Kptlt. Karl-Franz HeineVIIC204 Jun 1943U-308 *Oblt. (R) knife MühlenpfordtVIIC4415 Mar 1945U-367 *Hasso StegemannVIIC4312 january 1942U-374Unno von FischelVIIC4212 Apr 1945U-486 *Gerhard MeyerVIIC4828 Aug 1943U-639 *Oblt. Walter WichmannVIIC477 Apr 1943U-644 *Oblt. Kurt JensenVIIC4511 Nov 1944U-771 *Helmut BlockVIIC5123 Sep 1944U-859Kptlt. Johann JebsenIXD2479 Feb 1945U-864 *KrvKpt. Ralf-Reimar WolframIXD27319 Apr 1944U-974Heinz WolffVIIC4215 Jun 1944U-987 *Hilmar-Karl SchreyerVIIC536 Oct 1944U-168Kptlt. Helmuth PichIXC/40233 Aug 1942U-335Kptlt. Hans-Hermann PelknerVIIC4331 Mar 1942U-702 *KrvKpt. Wolf-Rüdiger von RabenauVIIC44

24 boats (1034 complete crews, 911 dead, 123 survivors).