Date and delegate information is preliminary and subject to change.

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The democratic Party will certainly nominate a 2020 presidential candidate at its rescheduled convention in Milwaukee the main of august 17, 2020. Primary and also caucus events, initially scheduled to finish by June 9, will continue into August.











There space 3,979 pledged delegates in 2020; it will certainly take a minimum that 1,991 to win the autonomous nomination top top the first ballot. 771 automatic delegates (superdelegates) will certainly not participate on the very first ballot (unless the nomination is uncontested). This is a significant change indigenous 2016.

The map below shows the variety of delegates each state will certainly send to the autonomous convention. You deserve to view pledged or total delegates. Click a state come see available polling. See how the number required is calculated.

February Super Tues march 4-31 April May After May
155 1,357 799 249 153 1,266
Primary Caucus
Proportional Threshold WTA (Split) Winner take it All Other
Proportional Threshold WTA (Split) Winner take All Other

Democratic contests point out delegates in part manner proportional to famous vote, subject to a 15% minimum to receive any delegates. Details is estimated and subject come change. Part states have an extended process for choosing delegates; the time supplied on the map is generally the start of the process. Pick a state ~ above the map for much more detail. Special many thanks to Greenpapers and FHQ because that making the a lot less complicated to accumulation the data. Visit those sites because that the finer details the the state-by-state allocation rules.

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The results of nationwide polling for a preferred democratic nominee is presented below. While these nationwide polls room directionally interesting, the nominee will at some point be chosen based on delegates earned throughout state-by-state primary and also caucus votes.