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That"s four times as many twisters as the rest of the civilization combined.

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Narrator: every year, America gets roughly four times as plenty of twisters as the rest of the civilization COMBINED. Take away altogether, nations outside the us see roughly 200-300 twisters annually. Contrasted to much more than 1,200 that strike American soil. So, what renders the us so special?

To do a tornado, you need simply the ideal mix of ingredients: Warm, humid air close to the ground. Cold air greater up in the atmosphere. And also wind the overlaps while moving at different speeds or directions. Think it or not, few places on planet check every one of these boxes. And none compares come the great Plains the the United states — AKA, tornado alley.

Largely many thanks to this: The Gulf of Mexico.

Paul Markowski: so the Gulf the Mexico is in reality the warmest human body of water on planet at its latitude.

Narrator: And when it concerns making tornadoes, the warmer the air, the better. As warm air rises off the Gulf, that crawls north across the Plains. Where it meets waiting blowing west out of the American Rockies.

When the two winds come together, lock can produce a vortex the wind the spins horizontally. Now, here"s wherein that warm air is key. As it rises — as warm air likes to perform — that tilts the pipe vertical to kind a rotating storm called a supercell.And approximately 20% the supercells generate tornadoes.

Now, girlfriend can uncover these problems elsewhere in the world.

Markowski: everywhere where friend can discover warm water that"s equator-ward of part area that likewise finds chin downwind that a significant mountain chain, tornadoes often tend to be an elevated risk.

Narrator: Take Bangladesh, because that example.There, warm, humid air diffusion from the bay of Bengal and also travels north. Where it overlaps v winds blow southeast the end of the Himalayan Mountains. This produce an mean of roughly six tornadoes every year.

Including the world"s deadliest. Which eliminated 1,300 people and also injured 12,000 much more in 1989. But six tornadoes a year doesn"t compare to the 12,000 or so we view in the US.

Off camera: my goodness. That is a thing of beauty.

Narrator: And tornadoes don"t simply strike the US during tornado season native March with June. In January, for example, we get about 36 tornadoes of them. That"s due to the fact that you can uncover those perfect tornado conditions year-round. And over a an ar several time the size of Bangladesh. That said, tornadoes in the us are most likely not as common as you might think.

Markowski: Most human being greatly overestimate how often tornadoes occur in Tornado Alley.

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I median if you watch the movie Twister, it"s basic to think that every day at 4 o"clock castle sound the alarm and you just go underground, however really most people that live in Oklahoma have never watched a tornado before.

Narrator: That"s since even in Oklahoma, the tornado funding of the world, tornadoes just strike the exact same spot as soon as every 1,200-1,500 years, ~ above average. Yet if you space unlucky enough to point out one, be certain to save your distance. Tornado winds have the right to reach a chuck 400 kilometers every hour!