Hip-hop music Hamilton has led the Tony Awards in brand-new York, win 11 including best musical and lead actor.

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The struggle show about the life of among America's establishing fathers simply fell short of The Producers' record of 12 statuettes in 2001.

For the an initial time at the ceremony, all 4 musical exhilaration winners to be black, including British star Cynthia Erivo.

But Saturday's mass shooting in one Orlando gay society overshadowed the show, and also many payment tribute to the victims.

Host James Corden devoted the night in new York to celebrating the diversity the Broadway, saying: "Our understanding go out to all of those impacted by this atrocity. All we deserve to say is you're no on your own right now. Your tragedy is ours tragedy.

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US chairman Barack Obama and an initial Lady Michelle presented the actors of Hamilton, which had actually 16 nominations, with a video clip message in ~ the ceremony. The president claimed it was "not only a quit hit however a civics great our children can't get sufficient of", while rapper common described the show as a "cultural phenomenon".

It won awards including ideal musical, finest director, best original score and best book of a musical for the spoken, non-sung dialogue and storyline.

The cast adjusted their performance in the irradiate of the Orlando shooting, which eliminated 50 people and wounded 53, leaving your prop weapons behind when they required to the stage.

Hamilton, which won the Pulitzer Prize for drama previously this year, has been hailed as "a landmark American musical", garnering celebrity fans consisting of Star battles director JJ Abrams, Jay Z and President Obama.

In enhancement to blockbuster ticket sales, the album that the present is the highest-selling cast recording because that 50 years, picking up this year's Grammy award for best musical theatre album.

Erivo, that won finest actress for her leading function in the Broadway revival of The shade Purple, said: "I promised myself i wouldn't cry due to the fact that my make-up artist would certainly be really mad in ~ me. Thank you American Theatre Wing for making a London girl very, very happy."

The color Purple started at the Menier chocolate Factory in London in 2013, where Erivo play Celie. Its artistic director David Babani said: "It's an honour to it is in recognised in this means by the theatre community in new York.

"However exorbitant the events of tonight, they space overshadowed by the tragedy in Orlando, and also our thoughts and also prayers are with everyone affected by this terrible event."

The other three best musical actor winners to be from Hamilton. They were Leslie Odom Jr because that lead actor, Daveed Diggs for featured actor and also Renee Elise Goldsberry because that featured actress.

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Speaking prior to the ceremony, Hamilton's star and also creator Lin-Manuel Miranda stated the shooting to be "heavy in mine heart and also heavy in mine mind".