The US, UK and France say your air forces and also navies fired 105 missiles, targeting three crucial sites in Syria.

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US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis stated the allies had actually taken "decisive action" against the Syrian government's "chemical weapons infrastructure".

The strikes took location at about 04:00 local time (01:00 GMT) on 14 April, a week after a suspected chemical strike on the then-rebel-held town of Douma, i beg your pardon opposition activists, medics and also rescue workers say killed an ext than 40 people.

President Bashar al-Assad's government has denied ever using chemistry weapons, and its crucial ally Russia states it has proof the Douma incident was "staged".


The Syrian government insists its whole chemical arsenal was destroyed under a deal signed after ~ an assault in 2013 that affiliated the nerve agent Sarin.

However, specialists from the UN and the Organisation because that the prohibition of Chemical tools (OPCW) have actually ascribed 4 chemical strikes to the government because then, including a 2017 Sarin attack on rebel-held cannes Sheikhoun.


The chairman the the united state Joint Chiefs of Staff, general Joseph Dunford, claimed the missiles had actually hit and destroyed three targets "specifically linked with the Syrian regime's chemical tools programme".



The branch that the scientific Studies and Research center (SSRC) in the capital's northern Barzeh ar was a "centre for the research, development, production and also testing that chemical and also biological war technology", Gen Dunford said.

Lt Gen Kenneth McKenzie, director of the us military's share Staff, stated the united state fired 76 missiles at the basic - 57 Tomahawk cruise missiles and also 19 share air-to-surface stand-off missiles.

"Initial assessments are that this target to be destroyed. This is walking to collection the Syrian chemical tools programme back for years," he said.

A man determined by CBS News together a scientist who worked there because that 38 years said it to be "totally incorrect" that chemical tools were being emerged at the site.

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The Syrian state news agency reported that several missiles fight the SSRC facility, "destroying a structure that had scientific laboratories and also a training centre".