How numerous Grand Slamsdoes Serena have? Serena Williams grand Slam titles? Let"s find out the full number ofGrand Slam title Serena Williams has so much won in her career.

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Serena Williams poses v the Daphne Akhurst Trophy ~ winning the Women's Singles final 2017 against Venus Williams of the united States. (Getty)

Serena Williams is a skilled tennis player from America anda former people No. 1female tennis player. She wasborn in Michigan, Saginaw but her family moved at an early stage to California and also then on to Palm Beach, Florida, in stimulate forSerena and also her sisters Venus to join the stack Macci Tennis Academy. Serena and Venus Williams both were taught prior to the run of cool Slams by their father Richard.

Serena is among the greatest tennis names of all-time whohas rewrittenrecord books in a manner never previously accomplished by a tennis player, male or female. She has completed everything in the sportand is tho good, even after giving birth to she child.

Williams" most striking thing is her level that superiority end the rest of the field. Few sportsmen have overcame their sports like Williams has if any; for the better part of 20 years, the distance between her and the next ideal tour players was stunningly high.

How countless Grand Slams walk Serena have?

In single, double, and also mixed dual titles merged among active players, Williams has actually the greatest Grand Slam titles. Her 39 titles of grand Slam put her joint third and 2nd in open Era on the all-time list, v a full of 23 in single, 14 in females doubles, and two in combined doubles. She is the recent female player to have played every 4 grand Slam singlestitles simultaneously, after ~ Rod Laver and Graf, and also the third to execute so twice.

Serena is likewise thelatest player in a solitary calendar year to win a Grands Slam title on each surface (2015). She also has all 4 Grand Slam women"s doubling title (2009–10) along with her enlarge sister Venus. Top top the hardcourt, Williams won the document with thirteen grand Slam singles.

For the mass of the Australian open Era titles won, Williams share the open Era document with kris Evert for most of the titles won at the US open (6). She additionally records the majority of women"s singles in the big games, with 357 matches and also the majority of singles under30 year of period (10).

Williams winner 14 grand Slam doubles, every one of them v her sister Venus and also the pair in the cool Slam doubles last was unbeatable. She and Venus together a pair have actually the third-largest doubling of the grand Slam women"s chips, behind Natasha Zvereva"s 18 titles (14 through Gigi Fernández) and also Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver"s to win 20 titles.

How plenty of titles walk Serena Williams have?

Besides winning 39 grand Slam titles, Williams deserve to boast of adding another 34 titles, therefore reaching the number of 73 complete titles in her career. Serenais a five-time winner that theWTA tour championship in the solitary segment.

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She won also four Olympic yellow medals, one female and three woman – a document she shared with Venus, she sister. Once the Williams sisters have actually arrived, it to be proven that the women"s experienced tennis tour is beginning a new age that strength and also athleticism.