Kristin Harmon Nelson has passed away at period 72 in ~ her house in new Mexico follow to her daughter, actress Tracy Nelson ( father Dowling Mysteries , Seinfeld ) that posted the news top top her facebook page: “My mother, Kristin Harmon Nelson, passed far suddenly and also unexpectedly critical night. Love and also light room welcome.”

Kristin married the singing legend Ricky Nelson and later play his wife on the Ozzie and also Harriet Show. Kristin and also Ricky has four children: Tracy, twins Matthew and also Gunnar Nelson ( the Nelson Brothers) and Sam Nelson. Her father was Heisman football star and announcer Tom Harmon and her mother was film star Elyse Knox. Her brothers is mark Harmon (NCIS).

Her messy divorce from Ricky Nelson make headlines in 1982. A extremely publicized custody battle with she brother mark Harmon also drew headlines

Here is the biography from Wikipedia:

Sharon Kristin Nelson (née Harmon; June 25, 1945) is an American primitive painter, actress and author, as soon as married to the actor and musician Ricky Nelson.

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Kristin Nelson


Kristin Nelson. Mother may I?

In 1988, she met the director-producer note Tinker, that asked her what she want to carry out with her life.<5> She called him, “I want to paint.”<5>

She made her living together an artist, receiving a career an increase when Jacqueline Kennedy purchased one of her paintings. She became a favourite of numerous Hollywood collectors including Mia Farrow, Tyne Daly and Dwight Yoakam.<6> her work, i m sorry is “widely acclaimed,”<7> is in the primitive genre, and has been likened to the of Grandma Moses. <8>

Her paintings are conceived there is no perspective and are brightly colored<1> with numerous figures included.<9> Judy Blundell said, “Any symbolism is straightforward and also honest. Together an artist she is not came to with gift clever or elusive; she is just using she talent together a method of true intuitive documentation.”<9>

Subjects encompass When the Kennedys were in the White House (1964) and The work He Died (1990), a memorial to her father i m sorry is painted on a window frame and also depicts a country church and clouds raining.<1> In 1999, Nelson’s paintings were released in a coffee-table-sized autobiography, Out of mine Mind.<6><10> The paintings paper her life story and are supplemented through diary entries and poems.<9>

Personal life:

Harmon is the daughter of football star Tom Harmon and also actress Elyse Knox. She brother mark is one actor and also her sisters Kelly is an actress-model.

Marriage to stack Nelson

Harmon began dating she longtime friend Ricky Nelson ~ above Christmas Day, 1961

A year later, the couple announced their engagement,.They to be married ~ above April 20, 1963, in a Catholic ceremony at St. Martin of tourism Catholic Church in Los Angeles.Harmon to be pregnant,and Nelson later defined the union as a “shotgun wedding.”

Nelson, a non-practicing Protestant, obtained instruction in Catholicism before the wedding and also signed a pledge to have any children that the union i was baptized in the Catholic faith.

By 1975, the Nelsons were on the verge of breaking up. Once Nelson reverted from a tour in 1977, he found Harmon had actually moved him the end of their home and also into a rented house.Less 보다 a month later, she uncovered him there with two Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders. Nelson later declared that she collection him as much as use the incident versus him in court.

In October 1977, Harmon filed because that divorce and asked because that alimony, custody of their 4 children and also a portion of ar property, however the couple temporarily reconciled.

In April 1980, the pair bought Errol Flynn‘s 1941 Mulholland journey estate for $750,000.<19><20><21> Harmon want Nelson to provide up music, spend more time in ~ home, and focus top top acting, but Nelson continued touring relentlessly.<22> The problem over Nelson’s career developed unpleasantness at home.

In October 1980, Harmon again filed because that divorce.Attempts come negotiate a preliminary settlement agreement were unsuccessful.In February 1981, Harmon to be temporarily granted custody the the children and also $3,600 in spousal support. Nelson was forced to salary a variety of family expenses such as home taxes, medical professional bills, and school tuitions. Harmon asserted Nelson to be hiding assets, however in fact Nelson was virtually broke

Accusations the drug and alcohol use and also poor parenting to be exchanged and, after 2 years the acrimony, the pair was divorce in December 1982. The divorce was financially terrible for Nelson v attorneys and accountants taking over $1 million.<29>


Harmon and Nelson had four children. Your first, daughter Tracy Kristine Nelson, was born 6 months after the wedding top top October 25, 1963, at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California. She weighed four pounds, one ounce, and also was slightly premature.As a pre-schooler, she showed up in Yours, Mine, and Ours through Lucille Ball.<32><33> In her teens, she to visit the exclusive Westlake institution for Girls. Throughout her parents’ marital difficulties, she continued to be with she father in the Mulholland drive house

Twin boy Gunnar Eric Nelson and Matthew Gray Nelson to be born on September 20, 1967.<36><37> shortly after their father’s death, they created the band Nelson, i m sorry is still with each other today.

Their 4th child, Sam Hilliard Nelson, was born respectable 29, 1974. At six years, that was inserted in the care of his maternal grandparents.

Nelson left his estate come his 4 children.

Custody case

In 1987, 2 years ~ Nelson’s death, Harmon was undergoing drug rehabilitation as soon as her brother note Harmon and his wife Pam Dawber petitioned for custody that Kristin’s youngest boy Sam, on the grounds that Kristin to be incapable of great parenting. Sam’s psychiatrist testified the the thirteen-year-old boy depicted his mommy as a dragon and also complained about her mood swings and how she prevented him from being v his siblings.

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Mark Harmon dropped the custody petition after ~ his sister do allegations of cocaine usage by Dawber. Kristin retained custody, although mark Harmon was granted visitation rights.