The killing were exceptionally violent, bloody, and also swift. Whoever eliminated 35-year-old Nicole Brown Simpson and also her friend Ron Goldman, 25, seemed to go right for the kill, savaging Brown Simpson (and later, Goldman, who had actually the misfortune of showing up during the attack) in former of her Brentwood, California condo on June 12, 1994, while her two kids slept inside, according to the Los Angeles Times. A passerby discovered the body crumpled top top the ground — Brown Simpson at the bottom of the courtyard stairway — and Goldman close by close to some foliage.

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The killings would certainly turn right into one the the most well known crimes in contemporary U.S. History, with Nicole Brown Simpson"s famous ex-husband, NFL-star-turned-broadcaster and occasional actor, O.J. Simpson, becoming the prime suspect in the killings.

According to Sportscasting, the couple met while Nicole was an 18-year-old waitress in 1977 and O.J. Was still married to his first wife, who he divorced in 1979. Nicole and O.J. Married in 1985. The couple had two kids together but, over the years, Nicole told friends and also family he was abusive towards her. In 1989, O.J. Was arrested for "spousal battery" come which that pleaded no contest. According come Bustle, during the 1989 spousal abuse incident, Simpson kicked and also hit Nicole and, as soon as responding policemans arrived, Nicole apparently told them "he"s going to death me."

By 1992, the couple had divorced. Sportscasting reported that Nicole and O.J. Tried come reconcile in 1993, however it didn"t work-related out.

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O.J. Simpson to be the only suspect ever before really taken into consideration for the killings, according to what a command investigator said throughout the so-called "trial of the century" every the connected Press, in which Simpson was acquitted of the twin murders after virtually nine month of testimony. 

Still, soon after the killings neighbors started share what castle knew. One called the Los Angeles times he"d checked out O.J. Simpson there numerous times, yet that"s no unusual due to the fact that the couple shared children. An additional said they"d watch Nicole walking her dog sometimes and wondered if she was attacked during a dog walk, together he stated there to be a dog walking unattended ~ above a leash uncovered the following morning. 

Another stated she"d heard the non-stop barking of dog a tiny before midnight, telling the Los Angeles Times, "It make me think something was going on v the neighbors."

Though Simpson to be later held liable because that Nicole Brown Simpson and also Ron Goldman"s deaths in a civil trial, to this day, no other suspects have actually been called for the crime of arriving outside that Brown Simpson"s home, insanity stabbing and also slashing her and Goldman, then to run off. There were no signs of robbery, burglary, or any kind of known motives because that the vicious killings.

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What was later learned in Brown Simpson"s autopsy report (via Autopsy Files), is that the assailant stabbed the mother four times in the neck and also cut her throat so deeply that the knife entered her cervical spine. The clinical examiner wrote that "the incised wound of the neck is gaping and also exposes the larynx and also cervical vertebral column."

The slice was 5 1/2 inch by 2 1/2 inches in length, cutting v the soft tissues of the neck and a quarter-inch deep into Brown Simpson"s bone, sparing the spinal canal and also spinal cord. Per attempt testimony, a clinical examiner claimed that the stabs most likely happened first, then as Brown Simpson put on the ground, perhaps (hopefully) unconscious, the killer lifted she head by the hair and also did the cut that would end Nicole Simpson"s life, according to the Chicago Tribune. The clinical examiner"s report showed that various other than the stabs to she neck, there were three other stab wounds come Brown Simpson"s scalp, and a blunt force injury to her head.

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There were only a couple of defensive wounds on Nicole Brown Simpson"s hands, which clinical examiner Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran later on testified showed that the assault only lasted a few minutes, follow to the Chicago Tribune. 

"I would certainly say she passed away within a few minutes, most likely less," said Sathyavagiswaran. "These type of altercations have the right to take location pretty rapidly."

According to Sathyavagiswaran, the knife used was most most likely six inches long and also single-edged. Yet whoever wielded it, walk so v such furious will that he almost decapitated Nicole Brown Simpson. 

Beyond the tragedy that the brutal killing of the young, vibrant woman — and the fact that no one has ever before been convicted of taking her life and also the life that Ron Goldman on the California summer night — is that Brown Simpson"s autopsy report mirrors that she to be otherwise in great health, and also likely had a long life front of she to be a mother to she children and to simply enjoy the gift the life.