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GettyLarry King and also Shawn King attend the nationwide Film and Television Awards awareness at world Theatre ~ above December 05, 2018, in Los Angeles.

Larry King, the award-winning TV and also radio host, passed away Saturday morning, January 23, in ~ the age of 87, per a statement post to his Twitter account. King passed away at Cedars-Sinai Medical center in Los Angeles, the explain said. No cause of fatality was given, but King had been hospitalized because December with COVID-19, according to CNN.

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Over the years, King to be married eight times, to seven different women, and also he had actually five children with three of his wives. King’s first marriage started in 1952 as soon as he to be 18 years old. King had actually marriages with Freda Miller, Annette Kaye, Alene Akins, Mickey Sutphin, Sharon Lepore, Julie Alexander and also Shawn Southwick King, follow to People.

King had Seven much shorter Marriages

King married his high college sweetheart Freda Miller once he to be 18 years old. The 2 were married from 1952 come 1953, but the marriage was annulled by your disapproving parents, per People. King at some point moved on indigenous Miller and also married Annette Kaye in 1961, and also they invited his very first son, Larry Jr., in 1961. The marriage lasted much less than one year, the short article from human being says.

The very same year he separated indigenous Kaye, King married Alene Akins. Akins to be a former Playboy Bunny, and also King adopted Akins’ son, Andy, after they married. The pair divorced in 1963. King then married Mickey Sutphin from 1964 to 1967.

King eventually made his method back come Akins, and the 2 remarried native 1968 to 1971. During their second marriage, the two provided birth to your daughter, Chaia. Akins died in 2017, per USA Today.

Andy and also Chaia King passed away within main of each various other in 2020, follow to USA Today. Andy, 65, passed away “unexpectedly of a heart attack on July 28” and also Chaia, 51, “passed on august 20, only a short time after having been diagnosed with lung cancer,” King mutual via Instagram in respectable 2020.

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King married Sharon Lepore in 1976 and also was married to the manufacturing assistant until 1983, per People. After, that met Julie Alexander, and also the two married in 1989, making her his sixth wife. The marriage didn’t last, and they got divorced in 1992.