She to be a place scout for john Huston, a publicist at Cannes and also president of she husband"s manufacturing company.

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Anne Douglas, a film publicist who first met Kirk Douglas on the Paris collection ofAct that Lovein 1953 and married him a year later, died Thursday. She to be 102.

Douglas diedat the longtime Beverly Hills homeshe common with the legendary actor and husband that 66 years, her household announced. He passed away at period 103 ~ above Feb. 5, 2020.

She operated for director john Huston as a ar scout and assistant onMoulin Rouge(1952), then began a three-year insignificant in 1953 together head the protocol in ~ the Cannes film Festival, scheduling parties and making sure they were filled through celebrities and also media.

Kirk was divorced from actress Diana Dill and also secretly involved to Italian actress Pier Angeli and also Anne was married to a Belgian, Albert Buydens, as soon as they met. He offered her a project as her assistant, and she immediately turned him down.

“She ultimately agreed to work-related with me ~ above a psychological basis, do it clean our partnership would be strictly business,” he created inKirk and Anne: letter of Love, Laughter, and a life time in Hollywood, the 2017 book he co-authored through his wife.

“We talked for hours, and also I had actually a strange emotion in mine heart the I might fall in love through this man,” she wrote. “I didn’t desire to, due to the fact that I had actually seen too countless young women get in into intense affairs with visiting movie stars — Dean Martin, Marlon Brando, carry Grant among them. Climate the film wrapped and also the guys returned to your wives and also families.”

Still, they began a facility relationship top top the Anatole Litvak-directedAct the Lovethat continued when Kirk relocated to Italy come shootUlysses(1954) — she to be a publicist on that film, too — and then to the Bahamas, Jamaica and the U.S. Making20,000 Leagues Under the Sea(1954).

Finally, throughout a rare moment when both were in Los Angeles, they spontaneously flew to ras Vegas and also were married by a justice of the peace on might 29, 1954. Their sons, Peter and also Eric, to be born in 1955 and also 1958, respectively. (Eric died in 2004 at period 46 of an accidental drug overdose.)

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She married Buydens, and they fled Belgium and also moved come Paris during civilization War II. She acquired a project writing German subtitles because that movies, then was hired in 1948 to create a regimen for NBC calledParis Cavalcade that Fashion.

She later ended up being president the Kirk’s independent film outfit, the Bryna Co., and also received producer credit onPeg Leg, Musket & Sabre(1973) andPosse(1975), two films directed by and starring she husband.

Kirk to be married to Dill (the mommy of two-time Oscar winner Michael Douglas and his brother, Joel) from 1942 until their divorce in 1951. He claimed their marriage started to fray as he was preparing because that his star-making turn inChampion(1949).

The couple split amicably, and also Kirk and also Anne became an excellent friends v Diana and her new husband, Broadway producer and also novelist invoice Darrid.


In 1958, anne refused to enable Kirk to take trip on a private aircraft from Palm Springs to brand-new York with director Michael Todd. “I don’t understand what came over me, however I had actually a weird feeling,” she composed in your book. “Absolutely not, Kirk. I don’t want you on that plane. You can fly commercial and meet the there.”

Kirk to be furious and said the if he couldn’t fly with Todd, well, he wouldn’t walk at all.

On the auto ride ago to Los Angeles the next day, castle heard on the radio that Todd’s plane had crashed in new Mexico and that he and also the 3 others ~ above board had been killed. They pulled turn off to the next of the road and also embraced.

“Darling, you conserved my life. Ns will constantly trust her intuition from now on,” Kirk told her.

As Dorothy Chandler’s “lieutenant” in the campaign to construct the Los Angeles county Music Center, she convinced moguls and also movie stars to double and triple their initial contribute to the cause. ~ it opened in 1964, she offered on the boards of the note Taper Forum and also the center Theater group for decades and also arranged the Douglas Foundation’s huge gift to develop the CTG’s Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City.

In 2012, Anne and Kirk announced pledges totaling $50 million to 5 nonprofit organizations, consisting of the Motion snapshot & tv Fund, with their foundation. Lock donated another $15 million come the MPTF home in 2015. Come date, their structure has contributed an ext than $118 million come worthy causes.

Survivors include kids Peter, Michael and also Joel; daughters-in-law Catherine and also Lisa; grandchildren Cameron, Dylan, Carys, Kelsey, Tyler, Jason and Ryan; great-grandchildren Lua Izzy and Ryder; and sister Merle.

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“She carried out the best in all of us, particularly our father,” Michael Douglas stated in a statement. “Dad would never have had actually the career he did without Anne’s support and also partnership. Catherine and I and also the kids adored her; she will always be in ours hearts.”

Donations in she memory might be made to the ann Douglas center at the Los Angeles Mission, 310 Winston St., Los Angeles, CA 90013.