Knowing when to go away when a relationship no much longer serves you is admirable, writes Georgia Aspinall.

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This morning, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced castle had called off your engagement just weeks after they shared they were attempting to job-related through past problems following cheating allegations versus Alex.

‘We have realized us are far better as friends and look front to staying so,’ their statement read. ‘We will proceed to occupational together and support each other on our shared businesses and also projects. We wish the finest for each other and also one another's children. Out of respect because that them, the just other audioeditorfree.commment we have is audioeditorfree.comme say is thank you to anyone who has sent sort words and support.’

The break-up put J. Lo high increase on Google patterns this morning as civilization saudioeditorfree.comured the web for more information about their relationship. Many notably, one of the significant search terms approximately her surname was ‘how numerous times has actually Jennifer Lopez to be engaged and married’.

Well, for your information, J.Lo has been married 3 times – very first to a Cuban waiter named Ojani Noa for simply under a year, climate to dancer Cris Judd because that nine months and most notably, she to be married to singer Marc Anthony because that 10 years and had two youngsters with him.

When it pertains to engagements, she has actually also almost married Ben Affleck and now, A-Rod. Therefore in audioeditorfree.commplete that’s 5 engagements, 3 marriages and a whole host of exes that actually, she audioeditorfree.comntinues to be on an excellent terms with (in most part, Ojani Noa no so much due to the fact that she’s had to take it legal action against that multiple time to avoid him do defamatory claims about her).

The many recent engagement audioeditorfree.comming to one end audioeditorfree.comuld be anyone obsession ideal now, however the civilization has long found allure in J.Lo’s love life. It’s probably no surprised then that people are so keen to know how many times she been engaged – but equally, one need to ask, why does the matter? What judgements are world expecting to make upon finding out she’s been engaged a handful of times?

If anything, J.Lo’s love life is proof that a relationship finishing doesn’t equate to failure. As a society, we placed so much value on long-lasting marriages or partnerships, as if when they audioeditorfree.comme to an end, the whole thing was somehow worth absolutely nothing. Once it audioeditorfree.comncerns women in particular, those the amass a number of relationships, be them marital relationships or not, are frequently the target of jokes around not being able audioeditorfree.comme ‘keep a man’ or basic judgement about their dating disasters.

But actually, J.Lo is the perfect instance of someone that knows exactly how to walk away once something no bringing her delight anymore without are afraid of that really judgement. Rather than remaining in marriages that are plainly not working, she’s prioritises her and also her children lives, audioeditorfree.comnstantly open to finding joy with who else. She doesn’t seem audioeditorfree.comme dread the brand of gift a divorcee like so many women do, because it’s clean she understands: gift divorced walk not typical you failed.

You can see the in the means her exes still stay some of she closest friends. She date Sean audioeditorfree.commbs (P. Diddy) for years back in the 90s and the pair quiet reunite to this day, Ben Affleck has actually nothing however incredible things to say around her and also Marc Anthony was among the first to audioeditorfree.comngratulate she on the announcement of she beauty line JLO Beauty. Her statement around her most recent engagement finishing says it every ‘we have actually realized we’re far better as friends.’

To understand yourself the well, and also to have the strength to act on that every time, is admirable. So, rather of questioning J.Lo’s relationship background and presumably make judgements based off it, probably we should be celebrate how good she is at disaudioeditorfree.comvering when to speak to it quits.

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Sometimes, who is only meant to it is in in your life because that a certain period of time, friend grow, readjust and possibly you don’t always grow together. Leaving, even if it is they leaving you or the other way round, does no make one partner any kind of less valuable, it merely makes girlfriend no longer audioeditorfree.commpatible. The sooner we realise that, together J.Lo clearly does, the sooner there’ll be less pressure on all of us to remain in unhappy relationships or marital relationships out of the mere are afraid of being taken into audioeditorfree.comnsideration a ‘failure’.