Janet Jackson is the well-known small sister of pop music icon, Michael Jackson. Born in 1966, she is the youngest member of the renowned Jackson family, which includes nine children.

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Her music career started in the late-1970s, with her an initial public appearance on she family’s range show, The Jacksons. She career has actually spanned 4 decades, and in 2018 Jackson came to be the very first black woman to it is in awarded the Billboard symbol Award.

Over the years, Jackson has actually been married more than once, v her most recent connection heading in the direction of divorce.

Janet Jackson’s effective career in the music industry


Janet Jackson | David Parry/PA images via Getty Images

In 1991, Jackson signed her an initial major recording deal with Virgin Records. She walk on to gain one the the biggest deals in music history, penning a four-album contract precious $80 million in 1996.

Since that time, she has produced 11 albums, toured 10 times, offered over 100 million records, and also been awarded five Grammys. Her most successful album, All because that You, sold 605,000 copies in the very first week.

 Unbreakable, debuted ~ above the Billboard album chart at number one and Rhythm Nation defined her format as an artist. Jackson has likewise appeared in numerous television shows and movies and also has composed a book, True You: A trip of Finding and also Loving Yourself.

One of her most famous moments was the infamous wardrobe breakdown that emerged while she was on phase with Justin Timberlake in ~ the 2004 Super bowl halftime show. In 2019, Jackson organized a ras Vegas residency at MGM’s Park Theatre. The effective show, Metamorphosis, grossed $13 million and showcased her lifetime in the music industry.

Janet Jackson’s previous marriages

Jackson’s very first marriage remained in 1984 to James DeBarge, which lasted only a year. In 1991, she married Rene Elizondo, Jr. And also stayed v him because that nine years.

Her third marriage remained in 2012 come Wissam Al Mana. The pair is currently separated however share a child together.

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Jackson’s breakup with Wissam Al Mana

My baby and me ~ nap time. Pic.twitter.com/5srdrzn8Ex

— Janet Jackson (
JanetJackson) April 15, 2017

Jackson has worked very hard at continuing to be out that the tabloids, in an attempt to live a exclusive life. As soon as news damaged of her connection with Qatari mogul Wissam Al Mana, everyone wanted to understand who that was and also how castle met.

According to Us Weekly, lock were introduced in 2010 in ~ a hotel opened in Dubai. Photos arised of the couple vacationing top top a yacht in Sardinia that summer, but little else is known of their connection at the time. They married in a personal ceremony in Qatar two years later.

Jackson’s net worth is valued in ~ $175 million. For five years, she mutual a lavish way of life with Al Mana, a successful Qatari businessman. His net worth is approximated at $1 billion.

In 2016, Jackson, that was 50 years old in ~ the time, abruptly canceled she Unbreakable tour stating, “My husband and I space planning our family, for this reason I’m walk to have to delay the tour.” She offered birth in January that 2017 to their child Eissa Al Mana. Jackson common a picture of the adorable infant on Twitter, but she has never common a photograph of him because then.

Shortly after the bear of her son, the pair separated. Together they head in the direction of divorce court, things have actually turned ugly through accusations of verbal abusive and controlling behavior. The prenuptial covenant entitles Jackson come $200 million — $100 million if they remained together for at least five years and another $100 million if she provided birth come a child. It seems the Rhythm Nation icon is ready to cash the end go back to being miss out on Jackson.