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The refurbished George Floyd statue in Brooklyn is unveiled after ~ it to be vandalized adhering to its Juneteenth installation, Thursday, July 22, 2021 (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)


Court files from Harris County, Texas, where George Floyd lived many of his life, present that he was criminally charged in ripe cases.

The short article exaggerates the charges and also includes crimes that Floyd was no charged with.

As memorials come George Floyd room being erected in American cities, therefore too are social media insurance claims surrounding his past, consisting of one stating that Floyd was connected in lot of violent crimes. 

The July 18 Facebook post is a screenshot of a tweet indigenous former brand-new York City Police Commissioner young name Kerik. It consists of a picture of a statue that Floyd gift unveiled in Brooklyn, N.Y., ~ above Juneteenth, a celebration of the finish of slavery. Alongside the snapshot is a statement: "I wonder if the statue has actually a plaque listing all his an excellent deeds and his contributions to society." The declare then follows with a list that contains "3 auto thefts" and "23 arrests".

Kerik added in his tweet, "WTF is wrong v our country?" 

This post was flagged as part of Facebook’s initiatives to combat false news and misinformation ~ above its News Feed. (Read much more about our partnership v Facebook.) 

Floyd was eliminated in Minneapolis in might 2020 through a police officer that pressed his knee ~ above Floyd’s neck for several minutes during an attempted arrest. His fatality sparked nationwide protests versus police abuses and galvanized a motion for racial justice. The officer, Derek Chauvin, was convicted of murder this year.

Floyd had a criminal history, yet the cases in the Facebook short article exaggerate or fully fabricate facets of the record, court files show. 

Attorney Jennifer Lammers, that represents Floyd’s estate, and Floyd family attorney Ben Crump no respond to our requests because that comment. also reached out to Kerik concerning his tweet. Neither he no one his team comment to a inquiry for comment.

Here is a look in ~ what the post says about Floyd’s criminal background, and what court documents and news reports say.

Claim: Arrests, equipped robberies, house invasions and also thefts

The claim starts its perform by stating the Floyd was connected in "three armed robberies, 2 violent residence invasions, six burglaries and also three auto thefts." it is exaggerated.

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According come reports from The Washington Post and the Houston Chronicle that information Floyd’s life, he and his family members moved from phibìc Carolina to Houston when he to be a young child, and also he spent most of his life there. He to be arrested ripe times there, follow to windy records available in the Office of the Harris ar Clerk’s database — not 23 times as the insurance claim states. 

List of Floyd"s charges, Office of Harris County district Clerk

Floyd to be arrested twice for theft charges: One to be a theft the $50 come $500, and the other is listed as a "theft native person," which to be a component of a plea transaction to diminish the charge from aggravated robbery. No case’s charging papers state that a vehicle was stolen.