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Elvis Presley, AKA The King, is reaudioeditorfree.comgnized for his fight singles and movies, and also his electrifying phase presence. However, his personal life has likewise been a fixture of fans’ imaginations, with plenty of wondering around his relationships with women.

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How numerous wives go Elvis Presley have?

Elvis Presley only had actually one mam in his lifetime, though this go not mean there were no various other women close audioeditorfree.comme The King.

However, in regards to marriage, Elvis was just married audioeditorfree.comme one lady in his lifetime: Priscilla Presley.

Priscilla Presley had a substantial influence ~ above Elvis in your marriage and also bore his only child, Lisa Marie.


How many wives walk Elvis have? (Image: Getty)

Priscilla Ann Wagner was born in might 1945 in Brooklyn, audioeditorfree.comme a Norwegian mother and US navy pilot father.

Her father died when Priscilla was simply six month old, and also her mommy remarried a united state Air pressure officer Paul Beaulieu in ~ a year, meaning Priscilla took she stepfather’s name.

The family moved about airbases because that years, including a quick stint in Germany whereby Priscilla and also her household were forced to live in a brothel as result of the scarcity of real estate at that time.

The pair met in 1959 when Elvis to be stationed in Germany, and Priscilla was simply 14-years-old.

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A young Priscilla with one of Elvis" documents (Image: Getty)


In the summer of 1962, after ~ the pair had actually kept in touch because that years, Priscilla parental let her visit Elvis’ house at Graceland for two weeks, and also soon sufficient she was allowed to relocate to Memphis for good in in march 1963.

Priscilla lived in a separate residence on the Graceland estate through Elvis’s father and also stepmother however eventually began to move her things right into Graceland, i m sorry was permitted by her parents so lengthy as Elvis agreed audioeditorfree.comme marry her.

In 1966, Elvis proposed, and though there are differing reports about whether this was what Elvis want to do, the pair married in ras Vegas on may 1, 1967.

Priscilla admitted the pair walk not have sex till their wedding night and also soon after your marriage, she found she was pregnant.

She was originally upset in ~ the idea the such very early pregnancy offered they had not invested a lengthy time together.


Elvis and also Priscilla (Image: Getty)


But their daughter Lisa Marie to be born nine months after that February 1, 1968, in Memphis.

Acaudioeditorfree.comrding audioeditorfree.comme Priscilla, Elvis became fascinated with the occult and addicted to prescription drugs, i beg your pardon she believes adjusted his personality.

With Elvis frequently away and also seeing various other women, Priscilla decided to emphasis on a hobby while she spent time alone.

She started taking karate lessons native Mike Stone, top top Elvis’s suggestion, and soon began an affair with him, which appeared to be something Elvis was mindful of.

The pair be separate in February 1972 and divorced a year and a half later.


Elvis and Priscilla at their wedding (Image: Getty)

However, follow to one biographer, Priscilla’s decision to leaving Elvis for she karate teacher left his ego “damaged beyond repair”.

The divorce to be finalised in 1973 and the pair check to remain close after your divorce.

Priscilla was named as among the executors that his will certainly after his death, i beg your pardon left she ensuring her daughter had actually a fantastic nest egg in the Graceland property.

While their audioeditorfree.comnnection was short, it was one of the longest The King had with a woman, other than his closeness audioeditorfree.comme his mother, Gladys, and also one which shaped his life in a hugely necessary way.

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