PRISCILLA Presley to be married to Elvis 'The King' Presley for six years.

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Since their divorce in 1973 and also his death just four years later, Priscilla has functioned relentlessly to maintain the music icon's legacy. Here's the lowdown ~ above Priscilla.


Elvis Presley together he sit cheek to cheek through his bride, the former Priscilla Ann Beaulieu, complying with their wedding on might 1, 1967Credit: Reuters

Who is Priscilla Presley and also how old is she?

Priscilla Wagner to be born in Brooklyn, new York, on might 24, 1945, and is 76 years old.

Priscilla is commonly mistaken for a lot younger woman since of her youthful looks and also has admitted to extensive plastic surgery.

In November 2016 she make an appearance on loosened Women and fans were encouraged she looked at least 30 years younger than her genuine age.

During the display she shared her fond memories of Elvis and revealed she never let him view her acquire dressed and admitted she constantly made sure she had actually 'a little' make-up on at every times so he would certainly not view her bare-faced.

How did Priscilla meet Elvis?

Her stepfather remained in the air Force and stationed in Germany, whereby she met the superstar in 1959 in bad Nauheim, if Elvis remained in the military after coming to be eligible for the draft. She was just 14 however made a huge impression on Elvis, who was 24 and already a large star.

When he returned to America she was encouraged the affair was over, but the pair stayed in touch via phone and eventually they were able to to convince her parental to let her visit. She eventually moved in through him in Graceland in 1963 and they married in 1967 at the Aladdin Hotel in las Vegas, Nevada.

The superstar's brutal touring schedule placed strain on the marriage, and also both had actually affairs. They continued to be friends ~ they divorced in 1973.

How close space Priscilla and Tom Jones?

Having met at the height of your 1960s heyday, Tom Jones and also Priscilla Presley set tongues wagging after conference for dinner in Los Angeles previously this year.

Priscilla has since denied any kind of romance with the Welsh crooner.

Appearing on great Morning britain in June 2017, she said: "Tom and also I have been friends since '68. The is true. That's not the first time we've been out obviously, yet probably the very first outing in public.

"But constantly friendship, always friends. He's a an excellent guy. Part of the was because he lost his wife, the was the love of his life. The was sort of friends gaining together to assistance him."

Tom had actually previously admitted Priscilla's ex-husband Elvis would have reservations about them getting close.

Tom said The Sun: "I yes, really don’t know just how Elvis would certainly feel around us having actually dinner together – he most likely wouldn’t be as well sure."


Tom Jones (left) through Priscilla Presley and Elvis in 1971Credit: Getty Images

How many youngsters does Priscilla Presley have?

Priscilla has a daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, who was born top top February 1, in 1968. She is sole heir to her father's estate after he died when she was just nine.

She has to be married four times, consisting of to singer Michael Jackson for two years, back they ongoing to date for two years after they split.

The pair met in 1975 when a seven-year-old Presley attended several of his concert in las Vegas and also became girlfriend in adult life in 1992, whereby she helped him through his most troubled times.

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She also has a son, Navarone Anthony Garibaldi, that was born on march 1, 1987. He is a musician and the child of Priscilla's previous long-term partner businessman Marco Garibaldi.