Elizabeth Taylor — the five-time Academy compensation nominee and also two-time winner because that Who’s fear of Virginia Woolf and BUtterfield 8 — is famous for her unsurpassed film and also TV career. However, the actor’s romantic life frequently garnered much more attention than her on-screen appearances. Taylor was married numerous times in her life — and even divorced and remarried the exact same man. 

Elizabeth Taylor | Silver screen Collection/Getty Images

The classic Hollywood actor was married eight time to seven different men — Conrad Hilton Jr., Michael Wilding, Mike Todd, Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton (twice,), man Warner, and also Larry Fortensky (in the order). Part relationships gained an ext public fascination and tabloid attention than others — however all space (at the very least decently) documented. 

Elizabeth Taylor to be married to Conrad Hilton Jr. From 1950 to 1951 

Taylor married Conrad Hilton Jr in 1950. The male was an American socialite and hotel heir, as suggested by the famous last name. The 2 were just married for one year, and Hilton Jr. Married Patricia McClintock in 1958. 

The ‘Cleopatra’ star to be married come Michael Wilding from 1952 to 1957 

Michael Wilding to be a television, stage, and film actor known for a collection of films made with Anne Neagle, as well as for two movies he made v the psychological thriller visionary Alfred Hitchcock. Wilding starred in Stage Fright, Under Capricorn, feather in Park Lane, and more.

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Taylor wed Mike Todd in 1957 

Todd was an American theatre and film producer known for Around the world in 80 days and This Is Cinerama. He was only married come Taylor for about one year (until 1958).

The ‘Cat on a hot Tin Roof’ actor and also Eddie Fisher to be married from 1959 come 1964

Eddie Fisher was one of the most popular singers approximately in the beforehand 1950s. Fisher is recognized for hits including “Any Time,” “I require You Now,” “Lady of Spain,” and also more. He to be married come Taylor for a longer time than countless of her various other husbands. 

Richard Burton to be Elizabeth Taylor’s longest romance: they were with each other from 1964 to 1974 and 1975 to 1976

Elizabeth Taylor and also Tim Burton to be scrutinized publicly, together their romance started while both were still married. They became known as “The Battling Burtons” due to their combative romance.

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Burton was a Welsh gibbs who climbed to reputation on the earlier of his recognizable, baritone voice.

Following her connection with Burton, Elizabeth Taylor married john Warner (an attorney) and also Larry Fortensky (a building worker). She was with Wagner indigenous ’76 to ’82 and also with Fortensky native ’91 to ’96.