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New England embraced its function as a faux underdog in 2019, clinching its 4th trip to the Super bowl in five years and the 11th in franchise history.

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Here is a look in ~ how many times the Patriots have won the Super bowl — a feat they have accomplished more than any kind of other team in the last 17 years — as well together the all-time Super key wins leaderboard.

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How plenty of Super Bowls have the Patriots won?

Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and Co. Room no strangers come the supervisor Bowl. They have developed a dynasty because the revolve of the century, winning six Super Bowls since 2002, with most of them coming in dramatic fashion.

The first three of those wins come in a four-year span from 2002-05. Kicker Adam Vinatieri made the game-winning field goal in the last seconds in every of the an initial two victories, i m sorry jumpstarted the heritages of Belichick and also Brady. The Super key 39 win over the Eagles to be highlighted by video game MVP Deion Branch"s 11 receptions.

New England go not win its 4th Super Bowl till 2015, as soon as it defeated Seattle on cornerback Malcolm Butler"s interception with much less than 30 secs left in the game.

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The Patriots then completed a miraculous comeback from under 28-3 in the 3rd quarter to win Super bowl 51 end the Falcons. James White ran for the game-winning touchdown in overtime.

Their recent Super Bowl victory was a bit much more dull. New England"s 13-3 win over the Rams in Super bowl 53 was the lowest scoring championship game in NFL history, however it counts all the same. The Patriots moved right into a tie with the Steelers for many Super key wins by a single franchise through six.

Super key 53Feb. 3, 2019Patriots 13, Rams 3
Super key 52Feb. 4, 2018Eagles 41, Patriots 33
Super bowl 51Feb. 5, 2017Patriots 34, Falcons 28
Super bowl 49Feb. 1, 2015Patriots 28, Seahawks 24
Super bowl 46Feb. 5, 2012Giants 21, Patriots 17
Super key 42Feb. 3, 2008.Giants 17, Patriots 14
Super bowl 39Feb. 6, 2005Patriots 24, Eagles 21
Super key 38Feb. 1, 2004Patriots 32, Panthers 29
Super bowl 36Feb. 3, 2002Patriots 20, Rams 17
Super bowl 31Jan. 26, 1997Packers 35, Patriots 21
Super key 20Jan. 26, 1986Bears 46, Patriots 10

When walk the Patriots first play the Rams in the supervisor Bowl?

The Patriots last played the Rams in Super bowl 36, to win 20-17 top top a Vinatieri game-winning ar goal as time expired.

The victory marked the beginning of brand-new England"s dynasty and, front to this season, was the Rams many recent expedition to the supervisor Bowl.

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Which team has actually won the most Super Bowls?

The Patriots are currently tied with the Steelers, who have played in eight supervisor Bowls and have winner six. The Cowboys and also 49ers each have 5 Super key wins.

Steelers Super bowl wins:

Super key 43Feb. 1, 2009Steelers 27, Cardinals 23
Super bowl 40Feb. 5, 2006Steelers 21, Seahawks 10
Super key 14Jan. 20, 1980Steelers 31, Rams 19
Super key 13Jan. 21, 1979Steelers 35, Cowboys 21
Super key 10Jan. 18, 1976Steelers 21, Cowboys 17
Super bowl 9Jan. 12, 1975Steelers 16, Vikings 6

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