One could easily speak LeBron James has had one of, if no the longest element in the history of sports. Over the food of his 18-year NBA career, he has end up being a symbol of sportsmanship, tough work, and also determination. Having actually grown up in Cleveland, Ohio, King James had one challenging road to navigate in stimulate to obtain to wherein he is today. 

Hyped as the heir come Michael Jordan’s throne when still gift a high-schooler, LeBron James has even exceeded the lofty expectation the civilization had indigenous him starting at the age of 16. Apart from being on the Mt. Rushmore the basketball, his stance on society justice causes has alleviated his surname to the ball of Muhammed Ali, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Considered by many as the GOAT, LeBron James no only continues to accumulate on the court v his work-ethic but even off-it through his multiple programs aimed at help those in need. 

How plenty of times has actually LeBron James do it to the NBA Finals?

LeBron James has been to the NBA Finals 10 times coming out victorious top top 4 occasions. 

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What year did LeBron James walk to the NBA Finals?

LeBron James do his first NBA Finals in 2007 yet could not acquire his team over the line. He then joined Miami Heat and also went come 4 straight Finals native 2011 come 2014 the end of i beg your pardon he won 2 Championships together the huge 3. 

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He went back to Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015 and again regulated to obtain to 4 right Finals native 2015 come 2018.

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Even though LeBron James reached the Finals four times v the Cavaliers, he could get come the an extremely top once in his second season there, in the process winning his third championship ring. 

In the summer that 2018, LeBron James made decision to move to the Los Angeles Lakers. Also though the first season in LA turned out to it is in a disaster, the King alongside Anthony Davis regulated to gain the storied franchise earlier to wherein it belongs, helping them win their 17th NBA Championship and also his 4th personally. 

When to be LeBron"s first Finals appearance?

LeBron James made his an initial NBA Finals figure in 2007 v the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

LeBron James finals figure record

2007 NBA Finals Cavs vs Spurs

Result: Spurs success 4-0

2011 NBA Finals heat vs Mavs

Result: Mavs win 4-2

2012 NBA Finals warmth Vs OKC

Result: warmth win 4-1

2013 NBA Finals warm vs Spurs 

Result: warmth win 4-3

2014 NBA Finals warmth Vs Spurs 

Result: Spurs win 4-3

2015 NBA Finals Cavs vs GSW 

Result: GSW win 4-2

2016 NBA Finals Cavs vs GSW

Result: Cavs win 4-3

2017 NBA Finals Cavs vs GSW

Result: GSW won 4-1

2018 NBA Finals Cavs vs GSW 

Result: GSW won 4-0

2020 NBA Finals Lakers vs Heat 

Result: Lakers winner 4-2

How numerous NBA Finals has actually LeBron to be to in a row?

LeBron has actually been come 8 straight NBA Finals, the very first 4 through the Miami Heat and also the last 4 through the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

What groups did LeBron James shed to in the NBA Finals?

LeBron James has actually lost 3 NBA Finals to the san Antonio Spurs and 3 an ext against the gold State Warriors.